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StatPro in detail

Although StatPro has been in the business of portfolio analytics since 1994, it still feels like a young company with plenty of energy and a commitment to innovation. We’re proud to say we have over 450 clients across 37 countries and around 250 staff globally. If we have succeeded it is because we focus on our clients’ needs and try to think a little further ahead to anticipate market and technology trends. As a team, StatPro is comprised of people with a wide range of expertise and we work together to complement each others skills.

We’re leading the revolt against expensive and complicated portfolio analytics. The global investment community needs a better way to produce and share information. The technology is here thanks to the Internet and the advent of cloud computing, but it is the expertise and knowledge of StatPro that can harness that technology to create a game changing service: StatPro Revolution.

We innovate. It’s what we do.

  • StatPro Composites (as part of StatPro Seven) was the first purpose built system for GIPS compliance and remains the most successful system in the market
  • StatPro Fixed Income broke new ground with its forensic analysis of bond portfolios
  • StatPro Risk Management was also the first system to produce a measure for Liquidity Risk, which is now a requirement for UCITS IV and other regulations
  • Award winning StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis platform designed for companies of any shape or size and is unique as a service.

This rebellious spirit always keeps us focused on giving our clients and future clients what they need.

  • Equity Attribution
  • FI Attribution
  • Historical performance and position size heatmap
  • Individual stocks contribution chart
  • Main dashboard

It’s all about the service

We provide one platform for:

  • portfolio and investment performance measurement
  • attribution analysis
  • portfolio risk management
  • GIPS composites
  • GIPS governance/compliance
  • reporting
  • index, market and security master data

We constantly challenge the norm…and succeed because of our relentless determination to excel. Value and great service is our mantra for everything we do.

Our People

Porfolio experts. Finance gurus. Us. Our team. StatPro.


Practical portfolio analysis books and specialists at your fingertips.


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Our partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the best technology, data and information we can.


It’s about Information security best practice throughout the company to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality.


It’s about Information security best practice throughout the company to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality.

Social Responsibility

For every 100 StatPro Revolution portfolios we sell, we help send a child to school in South Africa.


StatPro was founded in 1994 by Justin Wheatley and has been providing innovative solutions for portfolio analytics ever since.