Local software is really expensive!

Local software solutions are limited. It’s expensive to maintain and upgrade. It needs expensive hardware with production, backup, development and testing environments. It can’t keep up with industry developments and it distracts you from focussing on your business. It’s time for a revolution.

What makes online portfolio analysis faster?

StatPro Revolution is an online service based in the cloud so there is no implementation for you to manage. It’s faster than traditional investment management software because it can scale beyond a single piece of server hardware. Online portfolio analysis lets you focus on your business rather than software.

Why is online portfolio analysis better?

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis and reporting system which allows you to do more, faster, for less: more analytics, instant deployment, at a lower cost. See how online portfolio analysis can save you money.

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Performance analytics made beautiful

StatPro employs many expert people from all walks of life in the asset management business. Ensuring we have people who understand our clients and their processes is an essential part of developing and supporting our solutions.

The industry experience within StatPro adds up to hundreds of years, and we are very proud of the amount of PhD’s, CFA’s, CIPM’s and FRM’s that our employees have amassed. Across our offices we have over 80 people working on product development and about the same number again in our client service and consulting teams. We make sure those with the greatest expertise are at the helm of our technological uprising to ensure that dynamic analytics and beautiful reporting is the norm.

Neil Smyth - StatPro Marketing and Technology Director

Neil Smyth, Technology Director, StatPro


Carl Bacon, StatPro Chairman

Carl Bacon, CIPM, Chairman, StatPro

Practical Portfolio Performance Measurement and Attribution

By Carl Bacon
It does what it says on the tin (a clear introduction to the subject of performance measurement.)

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Portfolio Analysis : Advanced Topics in Performance Measurement, Risk and Attribution

Edited by Timothy P. Ryan, Contributors include: Carl Bacon, Andrew Colin & Laurence Wormald

A must to brush up your advanced skills on performance measurement, risk, attribution and evaluation.

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Advanced Portfolio Attribution Analysis : New Approaches to Return and Risk

Edited by Carl Bacon, Andrew Colin, Frederic Bardoux, Didier Cabon & Mathieu Cubilie

Key information to facilitate the investment decision-making process, this is the only book specifically focused on performance attribution.

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