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Social Responsibility

StatPro in South Africa

In South Africa there are huge differences in education and wealth. A University degree can increase an individual’s earnings by 5 to 10 times. Long term social equality can only be achieved through equal access to higher education. Social equality of opportunity is key to political stability and long term economic growth and prosperity.

That is why, for every 100 StatPro Revolution portfolios we sell, StatPro has pledged to sponsor a student through his or her education at High School and University. Today we currently sponsor 24 students.

StatPro and the South African students

StatPro and the South African students

StatPro sponsors students in South Africa - Abongile Sijora

South African scholarships: in their own words

Social responsibility partners

Partnering with Leisure TrustAsset and Durbanville Schools Foundation StatPro helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds to realize their dreams of high school and university education which will enable them to earn sufficient money to support their families and in their turn pay for the education of their brothers, sisters and own children.

High performing children aged 13 – 18 from impoverished backgrounds, are interviewed to be part of the program. Those with the highest potential are invested in and school fees are paid. Often without this support from donors like StatPro the children fall into low paid jobs with little promise of a successful future.

Not only are the students given school places but their emotional needs are also looked after too. Social etiquette is taught to help them fit into new, unfamiliar environments and donations include school uniforms and other help to ensure that the child’s holistic needs are met.

StatPro is proud to be the biggest donor, sponsoring 10% of Leisure Trust’s intake (in 2011)

When the students are 16 – 18 StatPro also works with Asset (Association for Educational Transformation) sponsoring students through universities and degrees. StatPro donates to the scholars’ education, specifically IT and finance. Skills in these areas are scarce in South Africa, it is our expertise and we want to cultivate it.

The donation isn’t just financial. Once a year students visit StatPro to understand what it’s like to work in an office environment. The StatPro team explain their roles and offer training on the industry including interview tips. The encouragement often helps the students stay that extra year longer to ensure a higher qualification and a better salary. Read about our latest open day here.

StatPro and the South African students

StatPro and the South African students

Marc Zandt Global Services Director StatPro

Marc Zandt, Global Services Director, StatPro

To date 24 students have been sponsored through these programs. We’re also pleased to say 3 have recently graduated.

“I often reflect on how fortunate I am while seeing significant poverty around me daily. Sometimes one feels overwhelmed by the problem. But what we do at StatPro makes a real difference to people. What makes this so amazing and uplifting is that we have direct contact with the students and we get to see how each student’s life is transformed and in turn how this lifts up the family and broader community.

“StatPro wants to give students a real world experience of what it is like to work in software and financial services by demonstrating what we do and opening one-on-one relationships with senior staff at StatPro. We’re proud to be sponsoring these children and making a real difference to their lives and our community. By making a donation for every 100 portfolios we sell we will be sharing the success of StatPro Revolution with our community”