Attribution made easy for Markaz

Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K. ‘Markaz’, established in 1974 is an award winning asset management and investment banking institution in the Middle East. As of June 30th 2011 assets under management exceeded KD 906 million (USD 3.33 Billion). Markaz is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) since 1997 under ticker: ‘Markaz’ and currently has 151 employees.

Aiming to discard the use of spreadsheets saved on individual desktops, Markaz approached StatPro looking for a solution for attribution analysis and reporting. A key requirement when evaluating technology solutions was the use of the Brinson model for attribution calculations. The customized reports within StatPro Revolution enable Markaz to view allocation effect as well as the success of selections. “We’re also able to see the interaction of chosen securities – it’s so simple to understand”.”I am consistently impressed by the wealth of support and service I get from the support team. They are friendly and there’s always one-to-one explanation around the reporting, functionality and how to maximize the value in the platform.”

Mathews ‘Babu’ Abraham, CIPM., Vice President, Markaz.

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