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Client Testimonials

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Lots of clients are already seeing the benefits of StatPro Revolution and our other services. We hope you do too. Let them convince you. Read our latest client testimonials.


APEX Fund Services

We very much value our partnership and see real value in the risk oversight Statpro provides to our clients. We look forward to expanding this as you continue to develop new products.

Paul Spendiff, Managing Director, APEX Technologies Ltd.

“Partnering with someone like StatPro makes sense for us because you are the experts in the field, we are not…The fact that it is cloud based makes sense in terms of its transferability across the globe. StatPro has the global support so we can offer a local support base to our clients.”

Colin Targett, MD, APEX Fund Services

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J2 Capital Management - StatPro Testimonial

J2 Capital Management

“Using StatPro Revolution has been a real game changer for J2 Capital Management, helping us make investment decisions that our clients rely upon, manage risk better and maximizing those returns.”

John Benedict, Co-founder & CEO, J2 Capital Management

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Darwin Investment Managers - StatPro Testimonial


“We need to be able to understand what’s going on at a portfolio level, and within the portfolio from a performance and risk point of view.  That might sound like a simple request but a lot of software packages struggle with the multi-dimensional aspect of multi-asset portfolios, for example reconciling the currency and the bond attributions. StatPro Revolution, doesn’t struggle with this, and very easily we can drill down into individual positions, or conversely have a look at the whole portfolio using the heat maps.”

Anthony Rayner, Portfolio Analyst, Darwin Investment Managers

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O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

“I am so glad I made the time for yesterday’s StatPro Composites Webex.  It was an hour well spent for me. Not only is it important to highlight improvements and strategic vision it is always good to have a look at new reports and processes. Not to mention, it makes me want to upgrade! I hope management will try to do these on a more regular basis – I really hadn’t had a glimpse into the tools capabilities since last year’s user group. We need to do things like this to spark our creativity and to make sure that we use the tools to their maximum capability.”

Sandra Hahn-Colbert, CFA, Partner, Director of Performance, Risk, & Operations, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

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Fairview Investment Services

“Our successful fund administration business is largely built upon our ability to develop customized tools and solutions for our clients. Leveraging StatPro Revolution has become an integral part of our service offering. The insightful portfolio analytics and robust performance reports provide our clients with the data that they need to focus on their primary objective, managing money, and build their confidence in our services.”

Frank Watson, President, Fairview Investment Services

Legal and General - StatPro Testimonial

L&G Unit Trust Managers

“With this empowerment tool, which is what StatPro gives us, it allows us to be able to challenge and question and interrogate data in advance. I think it’s going to be a fantastic tool for our business.”

Daniel Rotherford, Investment Fund Officer, L&G Unit Trust Managers

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WAY Group

“We believe (StatPro Revolution) will help us meet our responsibilities to the regulator and the end investor and not just our investment management customer. It’s an absolutely critical tool.”

Peter Hugh Smith, Director, WAY Group

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Odey Asset Management

“When you started to plug the data into the administrator, which for me was a great leap forward, because they have the books and records of the funds and I’m confident that that data is correct, it actually takes that problem away from me, of having to get that data to the risk analytics system. So, I think that’s a good approach…You were very proactive in coming up with proxies for positions where there wasn’t any risk data, unlisted positions etc….not to mention the competitive price and the dashboards and the types of reporting.”

Tim Pearey, COO, Odey Asset Management

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Amati Global Investors

Amati Global Investors

“The fact that we’ve rolled this out widely shows how pleased we are with StatPro Revolution…As it’s cloud-based there are no costs involved in infrastructure set up which is great. We now want to use the presentation capabilities of StatPro Revolution to beef up our marketing and use this information to decide what we can make available on our site for our investors.”

Paul Jourdan, CEO, Amati Global Investors

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Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K. 'Markaz'

Kuwait Financial Centre S.A.K. ‘Markaz’

“I am consistently impressed by the wealth of support and service I get from the support team. They are friendly and there’s always one-to-one explanation around the reporting, functionality and how to maximize the value in the platform.”

Mathews ‘Babu’ Abraham, CIPM., Vice President, Markaz.

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Regan Investments

Regan Investments

“I can be anywhere and have the ability to look at our portfolio performance on a minute by minute basis”

Robert Regan, CEO, Regan Investments

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Banca Sella

Banca Sella

“We have chosen StatPro because they have been able to cover all our risk management needs, ranging from our proprietary portfolios to the smallest portfolio of our clients. These objectives have been realized with simple and light hardware requirements and good value. Thanks to our partnership, today we can claim that Banca Sella is on the frontier of risk management, extending the concept of having a timely and precise control of financial risks from our own portfolios to asset managed portfolios and to all clients of the Bank.”

Pietro Sella, CEO, Banca Sella

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F&C Investments Logo

F&C Asset Management

“StatPro continue to provide software solutions and support that enables FCAM Performance Analytics to deliver added value services among the best in the arenas in which we operate.”

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Baillie Gifford

Baillie Gifford

The ongoing support and account management is excellent. The support team is extremely responsive and we are able to benefit from the e-Support system and the StatPro user groups. Overall, we have had a very positive experience with StatPro; they have shown expertise, commitment and dedication.”

Lindsay Shields, Head of Performance Analysis, Baillie Gifford

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Allan Gray

Allan Gray Limited

“The StatPro Governance system allows the compliance team to focus on resolving breaches and other value-added tasks and ensures that the company as a whole has a clear and concise view of the status of investment compliance at any point in time through ongoing electronic notification.”

Lise Grobbelaar, Assistant Compliance Officer, Allan Gray Limited

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Blanchard Wealth Management

Blanchard Wealth Management

“Using StatPro Revolution allows the team members to focus on growing the business by 4% to 6% per year.”

René Blanchard, Vice President, Blanchard Wealth Management

MFC Global Investment Management

MFC Global Investment Management

“We chose StatPro because of the superior functionality of the system as well as its ability to support us on a global basis.”

Jacqueline Allard, Vice President and CAO, MFC Global Investment Management

Ridgewood Capital Asset Management

Ridgewood Capital Asset Management

“We were looking to provide our staff with the tools they need and our clients with the report they require. As a start-up though, it was out of the question to consider a heavy and costly customized service implementation. We found that StatPro’s SaaS suite was ticking all the boxes and its cost was within budget. It will be integral to our day-to-day operations and will be key in assisting us to build the firm.”

Paul Meyer, Managing Director and Partner, Ridgewood Capital Asset Management


Gerifonds SA, Lausanne

“STATPRO supplied us tools to automate the production of our monthly funds reporting in several languages. Furthermore, the STATPRO team always ensures a quality service by finding solutions to our specific requests.”

Christian Beyeler, Chief Executive Officer, Gerifonds SA, Lausanne


BBVA Asset Management

“The latest SPA release has been key for BBVA Asset Management to achieve the highest standards in Performance Attribution in terms of calculation methodologies, flexibility and reporting. It allowed us to provide our clients, portfolio managers and senior management with the required in-depth information.”

Javier Eiriz, Executive Director, Valuation and Performance, BBVA Asset Management

Federated Investors logo

Federated Investors

“Through StatPro’s SaaS model, we can effectively manage the cost of GIPS compliance while ensuring improved ongoing performance reporting that ultimately contributes to excellent service for our customers.”

Sandy Kulig, Manager of Client Administration, Federated Investors

Aviva Investors logo

Aviva Investors

“StatPro was able to offer a cost-effective hosting solution which enabled easy deployment to these sites. We are now benefiting from GIPS verification for our offices around the world, improved service level agreements and global support on a 24-hour basis.”

Mark Goodey, Head of Performance, Aviva Investors


Vontobel Asset Management

“The local support has a good understanding of our business and strategic goals and has therefore been able to provide high quality assistance with the definition and implementation of appropriate solutions, which are convincing from both, the business and the technical perspective.”

Christian KOENIG, Head of Performance & Risk Analytics, Vontobel Asset Management


Mainstream BPO

“Revolution has provided our client’s with excellent value add and gives us a significant competitive advantage in the funds administration services market here in Australia. With Revolution we have been able to provide a value add service to new clients in a more timely manner and at a far lower cost. Our clients are very happy with the comprehensive portfolio analysis, reporting and ad-hoc web access enquiry capability that Revolution provides. They can now “log on” directly to Revolution, to look at their asset allocation, risk performance and attribution in a more timely fashion to assist with decision support.” 

Martin Smith, Chief Operating Officer, Mainstream BPO


UOB Asset Management

“The recent migration to StatPro’s hosted analytics and data services has transformed our performance analysis and risk measurement capabilities by enabling UOB Asset Management to provide timely, comprehensive and accurate client reporting in a cost effective manner. The hosted services simplified our implementation as StatPro manage the server IT infrastructure, data security and updates. StatPro’s Index Data Services simplify our daily processes by directly transforming and loading index vendor data.”

Jessey Tee, Director of Performance Analysis & Risk Measurement, UOB Asset Management


Nomura Asset Management

“We are one of only a few companies that have completed the GIPS globalization process, and believe that “GIPS” compliance gives us a specific competitive edge in the Asia-Pacific region as well as globally. Using StatPro Composites as a solution to help us achieve our GIPS globalization objectives has made the process of achieving and maintaining our GIPS accreditation for Japan, Pacific basin and global mandates that much easier.”

Noriaki Akahira, Global Institutional Business Planning Department, Nomura Asset Management


PensPlan Invest AG – S.p.A.

“The introduction of the market liquidity risk module in the StatPro Risk Management solution increased the value of our analysis and our clients appreciated the results. In general we found the module to be accurate and the results produced are in line with nature of our portfolios. In addition, the possibility to measure liquidity risk figures under different scenarios and the decomposition in terms of different liquidity risk components allows our Risk management to monitor market liquidity risk effectively and precisely.”

Claudio KOFLER, Head of Risk Management, PensPlan Invest AG – S.p.A.


O’Shaughnessy Asset Management.

“Since we started using StatPro Composites in 2008, the platform has enabled our firm to successfully maintain our GIPS compliance and complete four GIPS verifications. We are very satisfied with the advanced functionality that Version 7.0 has provided to our composite calculations. The new platform has reduced the time that that we used to spend reconctiling our accounts, calculating composites and building reports for client consumption. We are pleased to partner with a company that has evolved with trends in technology and GIPS guidelines to provide their clients with a best in breed solution for mission critical operations.”

Sandra Hahn-Colbert, CFA. Managing Director and Director of Performance, Risk and Operations,
O’Shaughnessy Asset Management.