Local software is really expensive!

Local software solutions are limited. It’s expensive to maintain and upgrade. It needs expensive hardware with production, backup, development and testing environments. It can’t keep up with industry developments and it distracts you from focussing on your business. It’s time for a revolution.

What makes online portfolio analysis faster?

StatPro Revolution is an online service based in the cloud so there is no implementation for you to manage. It’s faster than traditional investment management software because it can scale beyond a single piece of server hardware. Online portfolio analysis lets you focus on your business rather than software.

Why is online portfolio analysis better?

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis and reporting system which allows you to do more, faster, for less: more analytics, instant deployment, at a lower cost. See how online portfolio analysis can save you money.

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For the latest StatPro Revolution price plans and product information, just drop us a quick email or give us a call. Email info@statpro.com or call us on +44 (0)20 8410 9876

Developer Partner Program

The StatPro Revolution developer program is designed for clients and development companies wishing to create portfolio analysis or reporting solutions based on data from the StatPro Revolution platform.

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StatPro Investors site

StatPro has evolved into a leading provider of performance and risk management solutions for the investment community. We do this by offering software combined with pre-packaged data on our own IT platform. In this way, we can provide a complete solution for our clients in the most cost-effective manner possible. Find out more on our investors site.

StatPro Direct

StatPro Direct is our on demand platform bringing together product knowledge base articles and support documentation.