The self-service revolution

How new technology is changing the game

The Self-Service Revolution has seen digitally empowered clients seize control, leaving all but the best firms to play catch up. So what happens when digital-savvy customers encounter an investment management industry in which almost two-thirds of firms rely on systems from 2006 or before?

Along with performance reporting to deliver results and risk reporting to comply with increasing regulations, investment managers need to provide investor reporting that meets increasing client expectations. StatPro’s white paper The Self-Service Revolution explores this demand for investment analysis tools, considers why the industry has been slow to adapt and how a tool that delivers client engagement, regulatory oversight, cost control and competitive advantage changes the game.

Read the white paper to:
  • Learn how other industries use self-service technology to empower their clients and win new business in this knowledge economy
  • Explore how an explosion of information has left investment managers in urgent need of tools that can filter data and increase transparency
  • Learn how investment management clients actually use digital tools
  • Find out how portfolio analysis platforms like StatPro Revolution can provide investment managers with the tools they need to improve reporting, investor communication, risk management and decision making.

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A selection of self-service portfolio analysis related articles from the StatPro blog.

  • Is self-service reshaping traditional client reporting? – Part Three

    In part 3 of our blog series, Lisa Massena, SVP, State Street Investment Analytics, speaks to Swati Bhoumick about how self-service is changing client reporting processes for asset managers.

    By Neil Smyth

  • Is self-service reshaping traditional client reporting? – Part Two

    In part 2 of our blog series, Laurie Hesketh, Director Meradia Group, speaks to Swati Bhoumick about how self-service is changing client reporting processes for asset managers.

    By Neil Smyth

  • Is self-service reshaping traditional client reporting?

    Dushyant Shahrawat, Senior Research Director CEB TowerGroup, in conversation with Swati Bhoumick about how self-service is changing client reporting processes for asset managers.

    By Neil Smyth

  • The Changing Role of the Performance Team

    Technology is driving change in the asset management industry, enabling the performance team to focus on their primary role, measuring performance.

    By Justin Wheatley

  • For Fund Administrators, Service means Technology

    If fund administrators, large or small, wish to offer their clients a better service, then they need to consider their IT infrastructure and whether it will enable them to grow quickly or hold them back. It is totally clear that the cloud offers not only the scale that is required to process increasing volumes ...

    By Justin Wheatley

  • The New Era of Client Power

    Asset managers struggle to offer their clients the sort of service they would like to offer and the reason they can’t is technology. That technology is here now. Solutions like StatPro Revolution, a self-service, cloud based, portfolio analysis service are changing the way people think about how they can transform their business.

    By Justin Wheatley

Introducing self-service client reporting with StatPro Revolution

Introducing self-service client reporting

Forget static monthly reports and time consuming ad-hoc requests. Meet client demand with online, interactive and intuitive portfolio analytics. It’s time for a Revolution.

Asset Management 2020: The importance of technology and its impact on the AM industry

PwC Asset Management 2020: panel discussion on Implications for Europe ,UK, US & Asia

PwC’s Global Asset Management Leader, Barry Benjamin explains the importance of technology and its potential impact on the asset management industry.

Self-service articles from key sources around the web.

Clients don’t want the report they just want the answer

Source: Osney Buy-side – Client Reporting & Communication

The last few years has seen investors cry out for professional reports that present the information they need. They not only want accurate and timely information, but reports delivered to them wherever and whenever they want them whether its as a document, on the web or from mobile devices.

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Wealth managers face a digital dilemma

Source: Boston Consulting Group

Digital technologies are transforming just about everyones personal and professional lives. Wealth management clients are no different, and they expect the experts managing their wealth to be on the cutting edge of change.

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Asset management industry to radically transform over the next 15 years, says KPMG International report

Source: KPMG

The global asset management industry will radically transform over the next 15 years due to seismic shifts in client demographics, technology and changing social values and behaviours, according to a new report from KPMG International.

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Asset management 2020: a brave new world

Source: PwC

The asset management industry stands on the edge of a number of fundamental shifts that will shape the future of the industry

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