Local software is really expensive!

Local software solutions are limited. It’s expensive to maintain and upgrade. It needs expensive hardware with production, backup, development and testing environments. It can’t keep up with industry developments and it distracts you from focussing on your business. It’s time for a revolution.

What makes online portfolio analysis faster?

StatPro Revolution is an online service based in the cloud so there is no implementation for you to manage. It’s faster than traditional investment management software because it can scale beyond a single piece of server hardware. Online portfolio analysis lets you focus on your business rather than software.

Why is online portfolio analysis better?

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis and reporting system which allows you to do more, faster, for less: more analytics, instant deployment, at a lower cost. See how online portfolio analysis can save you money.


Equity Attribution

From security level to total fund level and everywhere in between

StatPro’s best of breed transaction based attribution analysis product is an equity and fixed income attribution tool measuring

  • Returns
  • Contributions to return
  • Attribution effects

By covering both arithmetic and geometric approaches to equity performance attribution over any instrument or derivative, single or multi currency, you get accurate results every time for the investment analysis and decision making process.

You can reflect management process within the attribution analysis, giving you significant market advantage by providing reports to clients and enhanced expertise when facing Requests for Proposals (RFPs).

A simple interface helps you create calculation parameters and define investments during the investment analysis process.

It’s hosted too minimizing resources and costs. Accessed from anywhere via a secure web interface and backed up by our stringent SLA and global support teams from the US to Sydney via Europe, ensuring you are never without help when you need it.

  • StatPro Equity Attribution - benchmark assignment
  • StatPro Equity Attribution - customisable analysis layouts
  • StatPro Equity Attribution - flexible segmentation
  • StatPro Equity Attribution - results