Local software is really expensive!

Local software solutions are limited. It’s expensive to maintain and upgrade. It needs expensive hardware with production, backup, development and testing environments. It can’t keep up with industry developments and it distracts you from focussing on your business. It’s time for a revolution.

What makes online portfolio analysis faster?

StatPro Revolution is an online service based in the cloud so there is no implementation for you to manage. It’s faster than traditional investment management software because it can scale beyond a single piece of server hardware. Online portfolio analysis lets you focus on your business rather than software.

Why is online portfolio analysis better?

StatPro Revolution is a cloud-based portfolio analysis and reporting system which allows you to do more, faster, for less: more analytics, instant deployment, at a lower cost. See how online portfolio analysis can save you money.

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Investment portfolio management software

Deciding what and when to purchase

Portfolio management is about selecting the right investments to meet the objectives of the portfolio. It’s about matching performance goals with acceptable levels of risk and reporting investment decisions to clients. Active management requires robust research and analysis processes to meet the demands of investors, especially in today’s rapidly changing economic and market conditions. Better portfolio management is achieved through better information and better understanding of information to make investment decisions. From portfolio accounting and detailed analysis through to reporting and communicating with clients, StatPro understands the right investment portfolio management software is a key component to achieving your investment goals.

StatPro enables performance, risk, attribution, allocation and compliance management through portfolio analytics software, StatPro Revolution, and portfolio accounting and management through portfolio accounting software, StatPro Portfolio Management (SPM). Read more below:

StatPro Revolution

Cloud based portfolio analytics platform StatPro Revolution, will transform communication with clients, reduce costs and increase sales.

Portfolio Accounting Software

Supporting trade decisions, execution, record-keeping, NAV calculation, invoicing and client and management reporting.