StatPro Revolution

A sophisticated and beautiful portfolio analytics service

StatPro Revolution is the worlds most advanced cloud-based portfolio analysis platform. It helps our clients increase their sales, enhance their client service, meet tough regulations and reduce costs.

The unique benefit of StatPro Revolution is that you can easily share your portfolio analysis with as many people as you want, for no extra cost. This online and connected platform brings self-service reporting and analysis distribution to any asset manager of any size.

  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - allocation analytics dashboard
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - annualized-attribution analytics
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - contribution analytics
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - fixed income attribution analytics
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - performance dashboard
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - risk analytics dashboard
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - stock-level attribution analytics
  • StatPro Revolution portfolio analysis - top-down attribution analytics

A portfolio analysis revolution in one online platform

StatPro Dual Screen Monitor

Portfolio analysis

Access highly visual and sophisticated levels of portfolio analysis all in one place, including performance ratios, equity and fixed income attribution, ex-ante risk and contribution.

Self-service portfolio analysis is here

Sign off and share your analysis to anyone, securely over the web. Enhance your distribution capabilities while maintaining complete control.

Increase sales

Take StatPro Revolution on the road and show your clients how your investment strategy adds value.

Client communication

Transform your client communication with interactive, visual analysis and reporting.

Who is it for?

Wherever and whoever you are in the asset management industry, StatPro Revolution is designed to add value to your investment processes and make life easier for you. We have put some examples together, but contact us if you would like to discuss further.
Dario Cintioli, Managing Director at StatPro Group, speaks with Marina Daras of Waters at the 2014 Buy-Side Technology Awards.

Dario Cintioli, Managing Director at StatPro Group, speaks with Marina Daras of Waters at the 2014 Buy-Side Technology Awards.

Asset Managers

With StatPro Revolution, you can create timely analysis and reporting for your clients both internal and external and share it securely. You can also bring the front and middle office closer together so you’re more productive, spending more time servicing clients rather than managing software and data.

Asset Service Providers

Provide online portfolio analytics and reporting to your clients cost effectively. Add value to your existing service and stay competitive. Enhance your oversight capabilities by analyzing entire companies or strategies from a single platform.

Wealth Advisors

StatPro Revolution helps wealth advisors perform daily sophisticated analysis, manage data efficiently, communicate better with clients, and win more business. Do this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional software system without any of the maintenance hassles.

Hedge Fund Managers

As a hedge fund manager, StatPro Revolution helps you explain your investment strategy. Show how your performance is generated and how risk is reduced. It also helps in improving oversight and transparency which is vital in building trust.

Where do I start?

Check out our latest product tour video to see StatPro Revolution in action. Get in touch if you need more information about this revolutionary service or request a demo with one of our product specialists so you can see everything for real.

Every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution's sharing and portfolio management

Learn how StatPro Revolution can improve client service.

What does it cost?

This type of application used to cost a fortune and that’s before you added in the hardware expense and management costs. StatPro Revolution is cloud-based so you don’t need any additional hardware or resources to manage software.  There are various types of portfolio available within StatPro Revolution depending on your analysis requirements and security types. Please contact us for full details of the latest price plans.

Find out more about StatPro Revolution

Advanced User Management

Controlled sharing of portfolio analysis

Award Winning Risk Limits and Commitment Leverage Monitoring

The Risk Limits Monitoring module within StatPro Revolution enables users to oversee the risk and exposure of selected portfolios. For those with UCITS or alternative funds this will aid compliance with the UCITS IV regulation and the AIFMD.

Portfolio Analysis

Show your performance in its best possible light with our visual dashboards. Explain how you've added value to the clients’ portfolio, using contribution and attribution analysis.

Portfolio Analysis Data

StatPro Revolution covers global equities, global bonds, global mutual funds, most families of benchmarks, FX rates, sector classifications and much more.

Sharing In The Cloud

Enhancing portfolio analysis distribution Sharing information online is nothing new. As millions of Facebook likes, tweets and LinkedIn updates occur in our everyday lives, more and more investment managers are using shared data and results to research...

Portfolio Analysis Reporting

Show your clients reports on the progress of their portfolio. Pick from a wide range of reports including allocation, contribution, absolute performance, equity overview, fixed income, regression analysis, risk and value at risk.

Other important benefits

Find other helpful details about StatPro Revolution here, including user management, daily data imports, specific customisation and additional support..