Sharing In The Cloud

Enhancing portfolio analysis distribution

Sharing information online is nothing new. As millions of Facebook likes, tweets and LinkedIn updates occur in our everyday lives, more and more investment managers are using shared data and results to research investments and to enhance their investor communication. Perhaps then it’s not too extreme to think you could be benefiting from sharing your portfolio analysis with colleagues, clients and distribution partners.

Using the cloud to release an untapped pool of information is exciting but controlled usage is required. Sharing information to those who can benefit from it is an obvious business advantage but, user management, role profiles and auditing of these things is required. Data security is often a concern when using cloud applications but the benefits of using these tools to share information far outweighs the concerns. With the cloud, data is stored securely outside the organization but even with traditional investment management software data often moves from the client to the vendor during support issues and often using insecure methods. With the cloud data is held in a single, multi-tenant database, in one location. This means the application data is much less mobile and is therefore better protected. The vendor has secure access to the application data to fix problems, when granted by the owner, and issues are fixed quickly because data does not have to be transferred back and forth from the client to the vendor.
Discover how every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution

Every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution

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Benefits of sharing online

Consider the length of time required to seek approval on reports and formatting data into spreadsheets. Compare how quickly you’re able to share a piece of research on a social networking site. Consider that every portfolio is a network with many people linked to it. By sharing your performance and risk analysis, management would be able to approve reports much quicker. Consider too the requirements of compliance teams:

  • Are they always waiting for analysis and often receiving it out of date in static formats?
  • Would life be easier if you could share your reports online, securely and simply?
  • And most importantly, are your clients seeing your performance as quickly as they would like?
  • Are they demanding more analysis and transparency?

By sharing your performance via the cloud, through a simple yet secure login, rather than a large email or a late posted document, you could be improving client retention and trust.

Sharing at StatPro

StatPro has been externally audited and certified to both ISO27001 and SSAE16 information security standards. We have been developing our cloud technology since early 2008 bringing open collaboration and information control to the investment management community. We believe keeping performance data locked away in the middle office doesn’t serve anyone. Sharing portfolio information with your network makes it more powerful, usable and more likely to enhance business decision making or client relationships. Sharing portfolio analysis data across the organization adds value to the data immediately: it can be analyzed, audited and improved. Controlled sharing also adds value to the team producing such information, raising its profile across the wider business.

Portfolio analysis distribution with StatPro Revolution

Distributing timely, accurate, and interactive portfolio analysis information takes minutes to achieve using portfolio management software, StatPro Revolution. The portfolio sharing and user management features, give you the control you need when deciding how much of your portfolio you share, and who you share it with. It’s all about users, content and access control. It can be centrally managed and monitored while still being quick and easy to accomplish. Such control enables rapid deployment of business information to any user with a full audit trail and without the hassle and expense of managing local applications.

  • Options available to the Administrator in User Management
  • The Administrator can create any number of new roles by modeling the permissions on an existing role.
  • You can change the permissions of an existing user.
  • In the Audit Log you can see the history of your firm’s user management-related activity. You can view the log by activity type and/or by user.