StatPro Group – Marc Zandt interview at TSAM Europe 2015

Marc Zandt, Global Services Director of StatPro interviewed at TSAM Europe 2015

(Uday): We have Marc Zandt, Global Services Director for StatPro. StaPro famous for StatPro Revolution. Marc by virtue of your title, I know that you are speaking with a lot of clients, so I am really interested to know, what trends are emerging in the conversations that you have with your clients?

(Marc): Our base client sets are made up of about 500 clients globally, ranging from the largest asset manager, pension fund, asset consultant, to the small managers and wealth managers, every single client is facing pressures around operational structure. They all have analytical needs and risk needs, they all face the same impediment in terms of being able to deliver all of that in a timeous manner across their business.  What we need to look at from a services perspective is how we, as a company, deliver the expertise, in addition to our product, to be able to allow our clients to leverage what StatPro has to offer. Revolution is a cloud-based delivery platform that reduces the need to rework a portfolio multiple times, this means performance teams and risk teams can focus on their portfolio once and then the aim is to distribute that to all parts of the business in order to create efficiency within our clients businesses. So we have to two areas; one being distribution and the other being scalability in terms of the calculation of risk and performance numbers themselves and to make that available in a timeous fashion. We have invested heavily in Revolution over the last five years to be able to ensure that we can both scale from a calculation perspective, and reduce the risk in our clients operational process; and then to be able to distribute that.

(Uday): So the need for operational effectiveness is clearly one of the trends you see emerging, given that, it sounds like there is a transformation going on within StatPro. Can you tell us a little bit more about that?

(Marc): When you start looking at a single product like Revolution, that has over 300 clients on it, you are then able to see trends in consumption and understand where clients pressure points are. When you start implementing clients you need to rethink the way you help them in engaging and defining their new processes. So in the old days, the scenario was very much a load data, calculate data, extract data, check data, something was wrong, start again and you will have lost a day, two days, three days. What we are finding now is that when we put revolution on top of client’s products, they are able to far more rapidly understand where they are and distribute that. They therefore do not face the same constraints when it comes to distribution management which then means that they are able to get back to focusing on the detail of the more complex pieces of information that either fund managers or the sales teams need. So by taking away what is obvious in terms of having to add more people to an audit scale, you are allowing the client to be able to remove that and focus on the detail.

(Uday): Marc TSAM was clearly about improving the operational effectiveness via asset manager companies so you are clearly in the right place.

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