StatPro Group – Neil Smyth interview at TSAM Europe 2015

Neil Smyth, Marketing & Technology Director at StatPro interview at TSAM Europe 2015

(Uday): I’m very pleased to catch up with Neil Smyth, Neil is the Technology and Marketing Director at StatPro. Neil you are difficult man to catch because you are always with clients, so my first question for you is, what trends do you see emerging from all of these client meetings that you keep having?

(Neil): We see various trends and challenges that asset managers are facing, such as, growing volumes of data, data management, increasing client services, and differentiating this in a very busy market, as well as how clients can actually show the added value and justify their fee’s. So we see a mixture of analytical challenges as well as data management challenges.

(Uday): Yes data management is always on the landscape for you. What are the big challenges being faced?

(Neil): Data volumes are increasing, asset managers are continually creating and launching lots of new products and the regulatory environment is enforcing lots of data issues as well, which has led to a lot of systems where data resides. This means you have silos of data which makes it difficult to get a holistic view over all of that dat. So quite a lot of asset managers are now embarking on data management projects where they can get the most value, and technology is the strategy to achieve that. We are therefore actively involved in helping asset managers, in terms of analytics and performance with those data management challenges

(Uday): Neil tell me from a marketing perspective, looking at Revolution and StatPro, the way you are positioning yourselves, the literature I am see and the whole new look, you are clearly going down a very strong client-centric path. You are already spending a lot of time with clients, so I guess the best question for me to ask would be, what is your roadmap, based on the fact that you’re closely following what your clients require?

(Neil): We have a roadmap that is based around what our clients require in the product, and this year it is very much around risk analytics, so therefore risk functionality. StatPro has been doing portfolio analytics for 20 years, having started the Revolution project a few years ago. We are bringing a lot of analytics into the cloud-based platform now. Last year there was a real focus around compliance and solutions around AIFMD and UCITS funds, which was very successful. This year we are focusing on advanced risk analytics, such as risk factor decomposition and relative risk, so we will be bringing those into the product over the course of 2015. It’s a cloud based product so we are able to make a release every 2 months. We have just released version sixty-two so we are always adding to the product.

(Uday): Any closing thoughts for asset managers or any other vendors?

(Neil): We are seeing Asset Management as an industry that’s going through a lot of change at the moment. Certainly in terms of how they communicate with their clients, how they add service and value for their clients. We think we are well placed which makes for an interesting time in the vendor landscape in terms of how technology can help asset managers communicate their investment process story and maintain relationships with their institutional clients.

(Uday): Neil thank you so much for sparing the time to talk with me at TSAM

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