StatPro Revolution – Robert Brammer, President & CEO of Brammer Technology

Robert Brammer, individual investor and President & CEO of Brammer Technology talks about how StatPro Revolution’s analytical capabilities have helped him manage the performance of his money managers.

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Hello, my name is Bob Brammer. I’m an individual investor and I’ve been a customer of StatPro for the past couple of years. I have a couple of money managers that I’ve hired to manage much of my investment resources. I use StatPro to help assess their performance. I have my money on a Fidelity platform and the investment managers have a partnership arrangement with Fidelity, but neither Fidelity nor the investment managers have all the analytical capabilities that I would like. So that’s why, when StatPro came out with their cloud-based StatPro Revolution product it had the features and was also affordable enough, for an individual investor like me, to make use of.
I’ve been using the product now for nearly two years. I take some of the outputs from StatPro Revolution into my quarterly meetings with my money managers and I lay it out for them so that we can see exactly what kind of performance, among all the various equities, we’re getting. The attribution and the asset allocation is an important aspect of the overall strategy. The flexibility of the product makes it easy for me to have a very informed discussion with the money managers.

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