StatPro Revolution is an integrated, cloud-based performance and risk platform designed to increase productivity and lower costs

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  • Calculate performance on 100,000 portfolios in 30 minutes
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What can Asset Managers Learn from Netflix?

From technology decisions, to building the ultimate self-service platform for television content, what can asset managers learn from Netflix when looking at digitization and information distribution?

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What can asset managers learn from Netflix?

Personal configurable dashboards available now

The ultimate in analysis flexibility. Create personal configurable dashboards for anyone in your account with custom menus and user permissions. Tailor your portfolio analysis dashboards for any type of user for true self-service analytics.

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Configurable dashboards

100,000 portfolios with 600m positions fully calculated in 30 minutes

StatPro Revolution Performance is re-defining scalability and workflow in performance measurement. Learn how the next generation of performance system can transform your process.

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A new performance power is here

National Australia Bank “Revolution enables our staff to perform their job in a very efficient manner”

Listen to the Head of Investor Services from National Australia Bank talk about their experience with Revolution Performance.

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Thought leadership

Read our blog and StatPro Workflow, our quarterly magazine covering key challenges within the asset management industry. Learn how StatPro provides solutions for asset managers of all types and sizes.

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