About Us

StatPro in detail

StatPro is a global software business with over 500 clients in 38 countries. We develop all our own software and support our clients from 12 offices around the world. The combination of our industry expertise and our innovative technology is the ‘secret sauce’ that sets StatPro apart from others.


Our people

Our employees, our experience and our expertise are at the heart of everything we do at StatPro. Across every department in 12 offices around the world, we are working towards the same goal – to make it simple for our clients.

Technology and IP

Our award-winning technology is making advanced portfolio analytics simple and more cost effective for investment managers of any size. Our platforms are managed and developed internally and our Software-as-a-Service is all 100% owned by the Group.

Global presence

With offices in all the major financial centres in the world, we are ideally placed to support and sell to our clients. A high level of local client interaction helps us to ensure our product development is focused on market requirements.

Partner relationships

Fund Administrators provide various services to asset managers, including outsourced portfolio analytics and performance measurement. StatPro has over 30 fund administrator partners and we  help them deliver ‘best in class’ cloud-based solutions within their highly competitive market.




Award winning technology and functionality StatPro has been winning awards since our early days back in the 90's. We focus on our clients and their need to provide accurate and timely portfolio analytics and reporting. With each technical breakthrough...

COVID-19: BCP Measures

As we monitor the evolving global situation related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Confluence has taken planned and proactive measures focused on the wellbeing and safety of our employees, their families, our clients, and our communities.

Our People

Expertise and experience. Our people make StatPro special.


StatPro is full of industry expertise and experience, from quants, PhDs, CFAs and tech leaders.


Working for StatPro is both rewarding and challenging. We're an established FinTech business that remains young at heart. Join us if you're into tech, finance, asset management and want to work somewhere you're trusted, respected and able to give 100%...


Our partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the best technology, data and information we can.

Information Security

It’s about Information security best practice throughout the company to ensure availability, integrity and confidentiality.


New technology presents an enormous opportunity for asset managers, but how can you harness this while maintaining focus on your core business?

Corporate Social Responsibility

For every 100 StatPro Revolution portfolios we sell, we help send a child to school in South Africa.


StatPro was founded in 1994 by Justin Wheatley and has been providing innovative solutions for portfolio analytics ever since.