Integration partners

StatPro is proud to be working with the following providers to bring sophisticated levels of analysis and reporting to multiple platforms. Contact us for more info.

Interactive Data StatPro integration partner Line Data StatPro integration partner StatPro integration partner Russell Indexesapex integration partners StatproCaceis integration partners StatproCiti integration partners StatproFundBPO integration partners StatproPacific Fund Systems partners StatProStandard Chartered integration partners StatproState Street integration partners StatproTD Ameritrade integration partners StatproWaygroup integration partners StatproSIX Financial Information - Enhanced Data Offering - StatProIsis Fund Services Partners StatProMeridian Fund Services partners StatPro

Technology partners

There is some amazing technology out there that we love to use. StatPro works with the following technology providers to ensure the best levels of service for our clients.

StatPro partner Zuora StatPro partner Zendesk StatPro WordPress Vm Ware StatPro partner Site 24x7 StatPro partner Oracle StatPro partner Net App StatPro partner Micorsoft Dot Net StatPro partner Altassian StatPro partner Bell Canada StatPro partner Amazon StatPro partner Akami StatPro partner Microsoft Windows Server StatPro partner Microsoft SQL Server Windows Azure partners StatPro jQuery HTML 5 Ext JS CSS 3

Data partners

Our partnerships enable us to provide our clients with the best technology, data and information we can.

StatPro has formed partnerships with key data vendors to ensure that our clients receive a comprehensive, integrated service.

BNY Mellon StatPro data partner Dow Jones StatPro data partner EDI StatPro data partner GFI Market Data StatPro data partner Hedge fund research StatPro partner JPMorgan StatPro data partner markit StatPro data partner Mergent StatPro data partner Merrill Lynch StatPro data partner Moodys StatPro data partner Morningstar StatPro data partner MSCI Barra StatPro data partner NYSE StatPro data partner Russell Indexes StatPro data partner Russell Indexes Standard and Poors StatPro data partner Thomson Reuters StatPro data partner Tullett Prebon StatPro data partner The WM Company StatPro data partner eri StatPro data partner Fundata StatPro data partner Lipper StatPro data partner SS&C StatPro data partnerMeradia Group StatPro data partner Meradia GroupNasdaq_RGB

GIPS verifiers

Verifiers that StatPro has worked with and are pleased to recommend.

WM Company StatPro GIPS verifier Spaulding Group StatPro GIPS verifier Price Waterhouse Coopers StatPro GIPS verifier KPMG StatPro GIPS verifier Investit StatPro GIPS verifier Ernst & Young StatPro GIPS verifier Ashland Partners StatPro GIPS verifier

Education partners

Educational organizations StatPro works with and are pleased to recommend.




QuantLib is the reference free/open-source library for quantitative finance. Intended for academics and practitioners alike and eventually promoting a stronger interaction between them, it offers tools that are useful both for practical implementation and for advanced modelling. It includes features such as market convention, yield-curve bootstrapping, interest rate models, solvers, PDEs, Monte Carlo, exotic options, VaR, etc.

Today QuantLib is actively supported by StatPro. Luigi Ballabio, Senior Risk Architect at StatPro, administers the project together with Ferdinando Ametrano, Head of Quants at Monte Paschi Asset Management.

StatPro uses QuantLib as the building block for its proprietary financial pricing libraries, QuantLib2. QuantLib2 is a sophisticated set of object-oriented financial pricing libraries.