Corporate Social Responsibility

In South Africa there are substantial inequalities within education and wealth in the country. With a university degree an individual’s earnings can be 5 to 10 times higher. Therefore long term social equality can only be achieved through equal access to higher education. Social equality of opportunity is key to political stability and long term economic growth and prosperity.

StatPro have therefore pledged that, based on the number of StatPro Revolution portfolios sold, we will sponsor students throughout their High School and University careers.”

Corporate social responsibility partners

Partnering with Leisure Education Trust, Asset and Durbanville Schools Foundation, StatPro are able to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds realize their dreams of a high school and university education. This then gives them the ability to support their families and help provide education for their brothers, sisters and own children. StatPro is currently sponsoring 49 children through these programs.

Since January 2013 StatPro have been in partnership with Spirit Foundation, who offer scholarships to high schools children within Cape Town, South Africa. Their mission is to provide good quality education to economically disadvantaged children who have the potential and will to succeed. StatPro is currently sponsoring 20 children through this partnership. 

To be part of the program, an interview process takes place for those high performing students, aged 13 – 18,  that are from impoverished backgrounds. Those with the highest potential are accepted into the program where they receive full scholarships.

StatPro South Africa have adopted a maths and science school in Cape Town, called Claremont High School. StatPro has taken on the responsibility of funding the cost for an extra three teachers to help reduce the overcrowded classes; and makes donations towards unpaid school fees.

In May 2016, StatPro donated 14 desktop computers, 29 monitors and 5 laptops to the Anna Foundation. The computer stations has been setup at their after school project at A F Kriel Primary (Montagu) and Riverside Primary (Robertson). Both of these schools (as with most rural schools) are extremely under resourced and currently do not have access to computers. Approximately 110 children will benefit from this donation!


Craig Arenhold, CEO, StatPro South Africa, talks education and social responsibility with Radio702 and CapeTalks567’s Early Breakfast Show.

StatPro is proud to be the biggest donor,
sponsoring 21% of Leisure Trust’s intake (2016)

StatPro also works alongside Asset (Association for Educational Transformation) where we provide selected students with university scholarships; specifically within IT and finance fields of study.

Once a year students are also given the opportunity to visit StatPro South Africa to understand what it’s like to work in an office environment. The StatPro team explain their roles and offer industry training, including interview tips.  Read about our latest open day here.

Craig Arenhold - CEO StatPro South Africa

Craig Arenhold – CEO StatPro South Africa


“I often reflect on how fortunate I am while seeing significant poverty around me daily. Sometimes one feels overwhelmed by the problem. But what we do at StatPro makes a real difference to people. What makes this so amazing and uplifting is that we have direct contact with the students and we get to see how each student’s life is transformed and in turn how this lifts up the family and broader community.”

StatPro wants to give students a real-world experience of what it is like to work in software and financial services by demonstrating what we do and opening one-on-one relationships with senior staff at StatPro. We’re proud to be sponsoring these children and making a real difference to their lives and our community. By pledging to support the education of underprivileged children in South Africa we will be sharing the success of StatPro Revolution with our community.

StatPro and Bishop Lavis Table Tennis Club

This year, StatPro South Africa and the Bishop Lavis Table Tennis Club partnered for a day to bring their juniors to our Cape Town office to learn about what we do and to expose them to different opportunities and potential career paths for the future, all while engaging in an activity that promotes both physical and mental health.