Amati Global Investors say yes to StatPro Revolution

Amati Global Investors is an independent investment management business. They specialize in two disciplines offering excellence drawn from a substantial depth of experience: UK quoted small and mid-sized companies, including the management of Venture Capital Trusts; and systematic trading of the world’s major futures markets across bonds, interest rates, equities, and commodities.

By May 2011 significant developments to StatPro Revolution meant that StatPro approached Amati Global Investors to showcase the new FTP functionality. This would enable the company to load their data easily and quickly, meaning they could access their reporting almost instantly. The Revolution support team worked with Wulf Rajek, Systems Developer, to make sure their securities were in the correct format for StatPro Revolution.

“The fact that we’ve rolled this out widely shows how pleased we are with StatPro Revolution…As it’s cloud-based there are no costs involved in infrastructure set up which is great. We now want to use the presentation capabilities of StatPro Revolution to beef up our marketing and use this information to decide what we can make available on our site for our investors.”

Paul Jourdan, CEO Amati Global Investors

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