iPARM Australia

23rd Oct - 24th Oct 2017 from 08:10 - 17:00 , Sydney NSW 2000

StatPro will be exhibiting at iPARM 2017, the Investment Performance Measurement, Attribution & Risk Management forum on the 23rd and 24th October.

Discussion topics include:

  • The evolution, role and future of performance attribution
  • Best Methods for Cost-Saving across Performance, Risk & Attribution
  • Measuring performance for portfolios including leverage and derivatives
  • Value at Risk: Why ex-ante risk measures can often be ex-post risk measures with a different badge

Make sure you stop by to see a live demo of our award winning platform, StatPro Revolution.


Carl Bacon, our Chairman, will be presenting: “The why, what, and how of next generation performance measurement” on Day 1 at 09:00am.

  • Industry update – Industry trends and challenges
  • What is next generation investment performance
  • Four dimensions of performance – Risk and Return, Ex-ante and Ex-post
  • How does technology factor into this strategy?
  • Best strategies for rightsizing the performance measurement teams given current business conditions
  • Threats, opportunities and new demands
  • Performance measurement today: data management, workarounds, distribution