ARPM Bootcamp

12th Aug - 17th Aug 2019 , New York, NY

The Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management (ARPM) Bootcamp is the most intense 6-day training in data science for finance, quantitative risk modeling and portfolio construction.

Taught by Dr. Attilio Meucci, the ARPM Bootcamp has hundreds of onsite attendees, practitioners and academics. Learn in a 50-hour Program the most advanced quantitative techniques in data science and machine learning, algorithmic trading, market modeling, factor modeling, investment risk management, liquidity modeling, portfolio construction, and much more.

The Bootcamp includes:

  • Practice in the ARPM Lab with theory, case studies, data animations, documentation, code, slides and more
  • Connect at the Social Mixer with your fellow Bootcampers, meet in person the most renown quants in the industry and stay in touch via the Virtual Classroom and our technical Q&A Forum
  • Certificate of Completion, 40 GARP CPD and academic credits (from partner universities) are issued upon successful completion.

StatPro members can receive an Affiliate Discount upon registration by selecting ‘Bootcamp onsite’ or ‘Bootcamp online’ > Affiliates > StatPro.