Developer Partner Program

Available now, a free web API for clients and 3rd party developers

The StatPro Revolution developer program is designed for clients and development companies wishing to create portfolio analysis or reporting solutions based on data from the StatPro Revolution platform.

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What is StatPro Revolution?

StatPro Revolution takes client portfolio data and market prices to calculate performance, attribution, allocation, contribution and risk analytics in a cloud based platform available to users over the Internet from anywhere. There is no software to implement and all the client and market data feeds are securely stored and managed by StatPro Revolution. StatPro is a public company founded in 1994, you can read all about us on this website. We love working with our clients and other people and making exciting software. We can’t do everything and we don’t want to. Our expertise is the calculation and display of portfolio analytics, but you have other skills and areas of focus so why not work together to create extended and new solutions for the asset management community?

What’s the plan?

StatPro has launched and made publicly available a web service which will allow members of the partner program to call and extract results data from StatPro Revolution into their own solutions or into entirely new applications. These solutions can then be used internally or offered to users of StatPro Revolution with 3rd party developers free to choose their own business model and commercial arrangements with clients.

Benefits for clients

  • Extend StatPro Revolution’s value – embedding calculated results from StatPro Revolution into other applications within your organization can extend the reach and benefit of your portfolio analytics
  • Flexible analysis – analyze your data your way by embedding results directly into your required spreadsheet application. StatPro has already developed a free Excel add-in to demonstrate this feature
  • New solutions – create new internal solutions based on StatPro Revolution data. Create custom reports, new visualisations or calculations using the web API
  • A wider ecosystem – by releasing an open web API, StatPro is creating a wider ecosystem of developers and solutions for our clients to take advantage of. 3rd party developers and software vendors can create new solutions based on StatPro Revolution data and make these available to StatPro Revolution clients.
Benefits for developers
  • Embed rich analytical data – gain access to some of the industry’s most sophisticated portfolio analysis data and include it in your solutions
  • Talk to a new audience – StatPro Revolution already has over 220 clients who embrace new technology and recognise its value. They want to hear about your solution
  • Extend the platform – StatPro Revolution cannot do everything! We want developers to take analysis data and do something amazing with it. We will then work with you to market this to the community
  • Work with us – work with some of the best developers in the field. Our web API is fully documented and will be expanded over future releases. Visit our dedicated developers site to learn more.

We will promote successful integrations on this website and within StatPro Revolution itself so our client base can learn about you and your solution. We can even do some joint marketing and PR if you want to. We benefit by extending the StatPro Revolution platform and offering partner solutions to our clients. You benefit by adding sophisticated levels of portfolio analysis data into your system that give you a competitive edge in your market.

More than just a web service

We have built a dedicated developers site that contains all the web API documentation and this will be expanded over time. We have already developed some sample applications that use the web service for you to play with. The first is an open source HTML 5 web application designed for tablet devices and the second is an Excel add-in which connects to and extracts portfolio data from StatPro Revolution. We will give access to these sample applications to registered developers and clients (who can download the Excel add-in for free from April).

Register your interest

Register your interest in the program today using the form on the right and we’ll send you details on our dedicated developer site.

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