Product Strategy

In 2012 we ramped up data coverage within StatPro Revolution. We focused on two areas: asset classes not supported by the platform and data quality.

During the year the development team successfully delivered full cross-asset coverage, strengthened the platform, extended its reach and prepared it for the ongoing functional acceleration.

investors dario cintioli product director

Highlights include:

New asset classes

StatPro Revolution is now a full cross-asset class platform. During 2012 we increased fixed income coverage and added a number of new asset classes such as:

  • Futures
  • CFDs
  • Deposits
  • FX forwards
  • Hedge funds
  • Options
  • OTCs (i.e. CDS, IRS, equity swaps).

Fixed income

Coverage of fixed income instruments was extended to several hundred asset types, adding option-adjusted risk numbers (including yield-to-maturity, modified duration and convexity for all types). At the same time, the functional offering was expanded with the calculation of a range of exposures, e.g. DV01, CDV01.

Data quality

We’ve undertaken data cleansing within many different asset classes, reinforcing the day-to-day procedures of quality assurance and we have cut dramatically the time taken to resolve and correct data errors.

Portfolio aggregation

The capacity of aggregating portfolios and analysing them with look-through functionality is one of the key elements for satisfying pension funds and wealth managers and enables us to extend our market reach to these sectors. With portfolio aggregation, we have introduced a superior piece of functionality, not fully available in our previous platform, StatPro Seven.

Long/short strategies

The addition of long/short strategy management has been an important element to make StatPro Revolution attractive to hedge funds and, more generally, to alternative asset managers.


Being able to produce carve-outs is important in many ways. For instance, a balanced portfolio can be carved out into several portfolios and analysed separately. The introduction of benchmark carve-outs lets our clients segment indexes with great flexibility.

Enrichment of performance statistics

2012 has also seen many improvements to our traditional strength in performance measurement, with the addition of many new statistics and the improvement of the so-called ‘NAV-only’ portfolios

2013 Objectives

The development objectives of 2013 are to:

  • introduce the first optional and payable modules within StatPro Revolution App store
  • expand sharing capabilities to trigger viral expansion of the platform
  • enrich the functionality to expand the market segments and extend the potential market

StatPro Revolution App store

During March 2013, we activated the first optional and payable module, introducing IDC bond prices. Subscribers of this module will run portfolio analytics with IDC bond prices. IDC is a world leader in bond pricing, adding millions of bonds to StatPro Revolution’s coverage. Visit the StatPro Revolution App Store.

In Q2 2013, we will introduce the UCITS IV analysis to address regulations. Subscribers will be able to comply with the complex regulation on Value-at-Risk (‘VaR’) imposed by the European Union on collective investments, without the hassle of further implementation.

During 2013 we expect to integrate a cloud-based compliance solution, improving our offering related to European regulations.


We have already released, in January 2013, an innovative stock-level attribution dashboard. During the course of the year we will add the ability of attributing relative performance against a benchmark for fixed income portfolios. Towards the end of the year, we will release another set of added-value analytics, including risk factor decomposition.

All these developments will further increase the potential market for StatPro Revolution and:

  • encourage existing clients load new portfolios
  • extend the number of new clients that we can acquire.

Sharing, Sharing, Sharing

StatPro Revolution already offers sharing capacity, and we plan to enhance this offering in Q2 2013, with a number of improvements to the existing functionality that will let our users set a date delay for the information they share with clients and stakeholders. At the same time, clients can easily configure what their users can and can’t see. Based on client feedback, we expect that this development will trigger an immediate increase in the number of invitations to end-users.

Dario Cintioli
Product Director
14 March 2013