Operational Review / Client Services

With experience of development, implementations, upgrades, banking and finance, infrastructure and hosting, we’re fanatical about client service.

As detailed in the StatPro Strategy our products and services focus on simplifying what is complex and making it available to those that require the information our solutions calculate and provide. This is true for StatPro Revolution, StatPro Seven and the forthcoming StatPro R+.

As a globally focused client service team we continually assess what our clients require from us and we adapt our processes to ensure we are aligned to meet our clients’ needs.

Client Services

In 2013 we adjusted the global teams to adopt a ‘hub and spoke’ model in respect to service delivery. Certain core support and oversight functions are being centralised in key locations to allow for efficient focused implementations and ongoing support across our 11 offices.

The model is geared to achieve standardisation, increase scalability, remove duplication and apply focus to ensure we have the defined processes needed for an efficient and valuable service offering. In a nutshell, our aim is to ensure our clients get true value out of the products we have developed for a rapidly changing market. This enables our clients to focus on growing their own businesses while we ensure they have the platform to demonstrate the value they create.

Marc Zandt - Client Services Director
The ongoing support and account management is excellent. The support team is extremely responsive and we are able to benefit from the e-support system and the StatPro user groups. Overall, we have had a very positive experience with StatPro; they have shown expertise, commitment and dedication.

Marc joined StatPro South Africa in February 2008, as an Account Manager focusing on developing relationships with current clients and developing new business. In 2011 he became StatPro South Africa CEO, with responsibility for growing the business across the region. At the start of 2013 Marc became Global Services Director responsible for managing all our services with our clients globally and is now based in London.