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Our message in 2013 and 2014 is focused on the benefits of our cloud-based platforms. The debate on the adoption of cloud computing is almost over as we hear from clients and partners that the cloud is an accepted delivery mechanism for software and one which many companies now understand and actively pursue in their software strategy. By focusing on the benefits, the marketing message is more of a business conversation versus a technical one. All our clients and prospects want to increase sales, improve client service, meet regulations, and reduce costs. These are the four fundamental elements to StatPro’s offerings and our clients are realising these benefits by using the products to produce and distribute their portfolio analysis both internally and externally.

In 2013 we had more engagement with our partners globally as we continue to build our network (in line with the StatPro Strategy set out on page 8). In the autumn of 2013 we held a joint conference with Apex Fund Services in Dublin with over 50 attendees to discuss industry regulations and how StatPro Revolution is helping clients meet them in a cost-effective way. We are in the process of planning more joint partner events across Europe, North America and South Africa after the positive feedback. We continue to work closely with TD Ameritrade and attended their global client conference in the USA where over 1,600 investment advisers come together to learn about industry trends and new technology to help them deliver a better service to their clients.

Our marketing strategy for 2014 will continue to focus on our four key benefits but also on the unique selling point of StatPro Revolution; the ability to share portfolio analysis to anyone at no extra cost. Since Q3 2013, we have been promoting our new sharing feature that allows StatPro Revolution users to take control of their portfolio analysis distribution. It is no longer about managing software installations and delivering static reports to clients; the future of analysis distribution is about Self-Service reporting, managing users, content, and access, to enable online and interactive analysis for anyone across multiple devices. We continue to promote this unique benefit through content-based campaigns using, webinars, white papers, videos, infographics, exhibitions and StatPro-hosted events whilst analysing the marketing mix to ensure improvement of this message to analysts and influencers, partners, clients and prospects throughout the year.

A poll suggests the top key goals for investment managers are:

Key goals for investment managers
January 30, 2013:

Helping clients and prospects understand this unique selling proposition (USP) whilst working with sales and client services is the key goal of the 2014 marketing strategy.