Our Business

StatPro is a global provider of portfolio analytics for the investment community. Our cloud-based services provide vital analysis of portfolio performance, attribution, risk and compliance.

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Our objective
To accumulate and compound recurring revenues from automatically repeating long term subscription contracts.

New technology
By using a highly centralised cloud platform we aim to drive down the cost of supplying these contracts and steadily increase our gross margins.

Retain clients
Through long term contracts, deeply implemented systems, an expert, high quality service, and through innovation to keep the service up to date.

Targeted approach
We seek to target our existing large installed client base to upsell them StatPro Revolution, converting, increasing and extending their current contracts.

Expand markets
We also target hedge funds and private wealth businesses where access to, and use of, portfolio analytics is limited, due to the historic cost and complexity of traditional solutions. We also target fund administrators that wish to offer portfolio analytics as a service to their clients.

StatPro is a small, but high quality business which comprises people with great expertise in the domain of portfolio analytics. By being both very good and very focused, we can hold our own against much larger businesses, offering real value to our clients. We are a premium service which offers great value. We are recognised for innovation as we combine technology and expertise.

Portfolio analytics used to be a small market, but the need for analysis has expanded remorselessly over the last 20 years. These days, client reporting is a regulated process, so it must be done properly. Investment processes have become immeasurably more complex, requiring sophisticated solutions to match them. Multi-jurisdictional compliance and regulation of all kinds, pose existential threats to asset managers that do not take them seriously. Generation X and Y want internet-based reporting and analysis. Assets under management have grown vastly over the last 20 years, from a few trillion to over $87 trillion* worldwide. Wealth is continuing to accumulate and come from new markets like China. All these trends have made portfolio analytics a significantly bigger and more important market.

*Bank of England