Asset Service Providers

Providing flexibility and scale for middle office outsourcing

As reporting and analysis demands grow in both volume and complexity, how can technology help asset service providers offer comprehensive data management and flexible analytics at scale? Asset servicing has become a crucial part of the industry. As the middle office outsourcing market continues to grow there are many challenges and opportunities for asset service providers. These challenges include;
  • Margin pressures
  • Increased client demand
  • Regulation of service providers
  • Data management
  • Legacy technology
One way to tackle many of these challenges is to invest in technology that enables ASPs to serve the demand from asset managers for data management and data quality, through to bespoke analytics and flexible data extraction. This may seem counter-intuitive when margin pressures are very real, but by doing so, asset service providers can extend their capabilities into the more value-added elements of the middle office and thereby improve their margins by offering their clients more value. While challenges exist, the opportunities are very real too. The global middle office outsourcing market is expected to grow at 7.5% CAGR through until 2019 according to market research reports from Technavio. Asset Service providers are chasing this growth with an expanded set of middle office services. Typical of these are;
  • Daily performance measurement
  • Risk compliance reporting
  • Advanced data management
  • Workflow automation
  • Advanced portfolio analytics (multi-model attribution and risk analytics)
  • Self-service analysis, reporting and data extraction
A common, but critical element of these enhanced middle office services is the ability to provide highly configurable solutions. Asset managers are used to customizing various elements of their portfolio analytics and data management suite. While this is not always desirable from a service providers view, it is what the client wants and is essential in capturing the growth opportunity.

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