Distribution of portfolio analytics

Achieving a balance between sharing and control

The world is changing. Social interactions online are commonplace and more and more business information is being shared to release its potential. Timely and interactive portfolio analysis is a great benefit to many people when distributed using the right tools. StatPro understands how the investment management industry can benefit from new technology and new ways of sharing information in a controlled and secure way. We’ve looked at other industries and how they’ve created true digital distribution strategies that have enhanced their services. Netflix is a great example of how controlled self-service of content has proved to be very successful. There are multiple stakeholders of portfolio analytics information, both internal and external. How can we use new technology to unleash the benefits of personalised and tailored content to the right audience? Every portfolio is a network. Find out how to connect more people in the right way with a self-service strategy and StatPro Revolution.
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Looking at others

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Let’s start by looking at how others have built self-service platforms to distribute content to stakeholders. As mentioned above, Netflix have done a stand out job of empowering users to be able to self-serve content from any device in any location. Their ability to analyse what content users are consuming allows them to recommend additional content they may be interested in. They can also show what is popular on the entire platform. Imagine being able to do this for all your portfolio analytics to see who is consuming which bits of the analysis. What can asset managers learn from Netflix? Download our whitepaper to find out.

Using analytics to grow

What about some of the external uses of portfolio analytics? The sales team are one of the key stakeholders of performance and risk information. How can the right technology allow you to unleash the sales potential of this information and help you differentiate from other investment managers? Standing out from the crowd and presenting data in the right way is essential in both winning new business and protecting existing clients. Being able to produce such sales oriented analysis from a single performance and risk platform helps you control what is being distributed and presented externally. Download our whitepaper to learn more.
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