StatPro Client Services Webinar – November

SDH/SPA: How to set up import parameters and common import warnings and errors

20th November 2013 at 14:30 EST

Presenters: Tersia Du Rand, Analytics Consultant, StatPro & Kristina Mihaylova, Analytics Consultant, StatPro


  • How to set up new and maintain existing import parameters in the SDH Imports module
    • This will help you load data in a different format from your existing import parameters or allow you to load data into the SDH that you haven’t loaded before.  After this session you will understand exactly what an Import parameter is, how to set up the files associated with it and define the fields for each file.
  • General import warnings received during the import process and how to resolve them will be discussed

Note: This webinar is open to existing StatPro SDH/SPA clients only.