Hedge Fund Technology

How to gain competitive advantage in winning new capital

The hedge fund industry is growing. Assets inflows are on the up from various sources and none more so than from institutional investors. As they look for new sources of return and to diversify their risk exposure, the institutional investor is turning to the ever more sophisticated hedge fund market for the answers. What does this new money bring? Competition, demands for transparency and regulatory pressure. How does the hedge fund industry meet these new challenges? Can technology be the strategy? At StatPro we believe it can. Read our white paper to understand more about the issues and how technology can play a vital role in providing competitive advantage in this new era of the hedge fund. Read the white paper to:
  • Learn about the top five challenges facing the industry
  • Read about four key catalysts of change
  • Find out how technology can enable competitive advantage
  • See how the right technology can enable cost effective compliance – learn more on our AIFMD hub page

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StatPro Revolution for Hedge Funds

StatPro Revolution is a sophisticated and beautiful cloud-based portfolio analysis service. This powerful and connected platform has helped our clients increase their sales, enhance their client service, meet tough regulations and reduce costs. Our unique value proposition is that you can easily share and distribute your portfolio analysis with as many people as you want, at no extra cost. Download the fact sheet

Hedge Fund technology articles from key sources around the web.

Data management and reporting solutions are key to achieving operational efficiency

It’s a fair assumption to say that the proliferation of hedge fund regulation has spurred technology providers to produce newer, innovative solutions. Central to this is the growing complexity surrounding data management. Source: Hedge Week Read the article

From black box to open book: Hedge fund trust and transparency

Strengthening trust is critical for the future growth of hedge funds. US hedge funds have already enhanced their transparency, controls and infrastructure, helping to win the trust of institutional investors  and a change throughout the value chain is emerging. However, this evolution remains a work in progress and there is much room for improvement. Source: PWC Read the article

Hedge funds strive to satisfy transparency and liquidity demands

Hedge funds of all sizes, in the shadow of the market meltdown of 2008, continue to field demands from investors for more transparency and liquidity, which consequently affects funds’ operational infrastructures, overhead costs, and, to some extent, managers’ choice of investment strategy. Source: Markets Media Read the article

Adapt and evolve: the new hedge fund mantra

Even though the money is flowing in, new research commissioned by State Street among alternative fund managers, including almost 200 hedge fund managers in North America, Europe and Asia, revealed that fundraising ranks as their most urgent challenge (80%). Source: State Street – The 2014 Global Hedge Fund Report Read the article

A New Mindset – Hedge Funds, Marketing and the Age Traparency

When the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (“JOBS”) Act removed the 80-year-old ban on general solicitation and advertising for private placement, newspapers and financial magazines were filled with stories about how hedge funds were set to enter a brave new world of marketing and advertising. Six months after the passage of the law, the brave new world is just starting to emerge. Source: Wall Street Journal Download the article

Hedge Funds Poised to Capture Their Share of $10 Trillion

The global hedge fund industry currently has almost $2.5 trillion in assets under management, almost 75 percent (around $1.9 trillion) of which resides in North American hedge fund firms. The hedge fund industry, muzzled by statute and constrained by regulation for more than eight decades, is about to allow the public a peek behind the curtain. Source: Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance Read the article

Hedge Funds Seek New Growth Opportunities through Marketing

Now that hedge funds are allowed to market their businesses, many are wondering when the first hedge fund commercial will appear on television. April Rudin, a financial services marketing strategist and digital media expert, believes that hedge fund marketing is more than a 30-second spot on CNBC. Source: Street ID Read the article

Discount Hedge Funds – Is This the Wave of the Future?

Even ardent defenders of hedge fund fee structures must acknowledge the impact a marketplace open to retail investors may have on the status quo. Is the hedge fund 2 and 20 rule going the way of the banking industry’s 3-6-3 rule? Source: Hedge Fund Marketing Alliance Read the article