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Sydney, Australia (6th December, 2011) – StatPro Group plc (AIM: SOG), which specializes in portfolio analytics solutions for the superannuation sector worldwide, is using its presence at the Technology & Innovation – the Future of Superannuation seminar being held in Sydney to ask the question: how do super-find managers build trust for the future?

Australia’s population is outsourcing its retirement funds to pension funds and professional managers who, in turn, outsource to asset managers. It’s a long line of trust. How do the super funds win it? How can the super funds themselves trust their choice of asset manager, and how exposed do they feel if they don’t?

The answer may be in independent standards, including Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) already used around the world, and to which Australia is a signatory.

Greg Howell, Managing Director of StatPro in Australia, said: “The investment landscape remains uncertain, and people want certainty in uncertain times. Being able to demonstrate that every penny has been accounted for becomes a competitive advantage for those funds (and asset managers) that demonstrate this. People will want evidence of propriety, not just trust (hope) that it’s there.

“Investors will also be more confident, all other things being equal, if they can make meaningful comparisons of performance, year-to-year, and between alternative super funds. Being able to show this will instil trust in those super funds choosing to show their performance honestly and completely.”

According to the CFA Institute (which created and administers GIPS) the GIPS standards are a set of standardized, industry-wide ethical principles that provide investment firms with guidance on how to calculate and report their investment results to prospective clients. In particular, they require companies to report the complete performance picture without selective cherry-picking of information. This ethical commitment underpins two principles: a commitment to providing information that investors can compare across providers, and a commitment to doing so openly.

StatPro provides portfolio analytics solutions that help fund managers administer their funds to GIPS standards, as well as other systems for the analysis and management of large funds under management. A recent Australian client is QSuper, which has completed the implementation of StatPro Seven’s performance and attribution SaaS (software as a service) platform. QSuper’s decision was part of a three-year program to improve its in-house investment capability and performance analytics solutions, and take a larger role in directly managing how QSuper’s members’ funds are invested.

The seminar is organized by FST Media, is called Technology & Innovation – the Future of Superannuation, and is being held on Tuesday 6th December 2011 at Sydney’s Hilton Hotel. More information at


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