StatPro sponsor Spaulding Group technology survey

StatPro was delighted to be a sponsor of this years Spaulding Group technology survey which surveys over 150 asset managers on their performance, attribution and GIPS technology. The survey has been running since 2001 and shows the trends in how technology is being used in the middle office and beyond across the industry. From spreadsheets to the latest generation of cloud-based performance systems, many respondents have been on a journey as they look to enhance their capabilities in managing ever growing volumes of data and demands from various stakeholders.

Spaulding-logo-2_wikiIan Thompson, StatPro Head of Performance and Neil Smyth, Marketing and IT Director participated on a survey review webinar hosted by David Spaulding on November 6th 2017.

For the results of the survey and to hear comments from StatPro, follow the link to replay the webinar.

Spaulding Group 2017 Technology Survey Webinar Recording



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