StatPro nominated for ‘Best Analytics Provider’ Award

StatPro is delighted to announce that StatPro Revolution has been nominated for ‘Best Analytics Provider’ by Inside Market Data. This is the second nomination in as many weeks.

Winners will be decided by an online voting process and only eligible industry participants can vote. Vote for StatPro Revolution here before March 31, 2015.

StatPro Revolution offers a wide variety of analytics on performance, featuring coverage of absolute and relative analyses against benchmarks across all applications, performance contribution, ex-post risk, performance statistics, bottom-up attribution, multi-level top down attribution, top-down single level attribution and fixed income attribution.

Reporting is flexible within StatPro Revolution. Users can consume analytics information either via traditional reports or access secure, signed-off analytics data within the application.

This multi asset-class, award winning analytics platform helps our clients

  • Increase sales and assets under management
  • Improve client service
  • Meet tough regulations
  • Reduce costs

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