Cloud-based portfolio analysis

Welcome to the future of portfolio analysis

Forget expensive hardware, forget installation and costly upgrade paths. Cloud computing is about accessing what you need when you need it over the internet. This means immediate access – log in and you’re up and running. It’s quick, it’s secure and it lets the experts, us, manage all the data for you. StatPro’s cloud-based portfolio analysis enable you to get the information you want anywhere, anytime. Let us do the heavy lifting.

Managing, understanding and distributing portfolio data is crucial in creating a robust investment process. StatPro provides portfolio analysis platforms enabling the most sophisticated levels of analysis in the simplest way, whether it’s measuring performance, equity or fixed income attribution, contribution, allocation or risk analysis, StatPro has a cloud based service that complements your investment process.

Mike Marechal, Global IT Infrastructure Manager

Mike Marechal, Global IT Infrastructure Manager

Managed Service

StatPro’s data processing service feeds StatPro Revolution with security-level transaction-based weights and returns, providing you with fast reliable data for more accurate, granular analysis.