Managed Service

The simple way to enrich your portfolio analytics with transaction-based security-level weights and returns

Managed service workflow from StatPro

StatPro’s data processing service feeds StatPro Revolution with security-level transaction-based weights and returns, providing you with fast reliable data for more accurate, granular analysis.

We know how important it is to be able to provide clients with accurate, detailed portfolio analytics. Entrusting your performance data requirements to your back office/data administrator and StatPro, significantly reduces performance data processing windows and enriches your portfolio with security-level transaction-based weights and returns.

Why outsource this service?

  • A cost effective solution to producing transaction-based weights and returns meaning you have more time to focus on performance.
  • Notifications and detailed data quality control checks carried out by the managed service team preserve the integrity of your data and ensure you’re always in control.
  • Choosing to allow StatPro Revolution to handle benchmark performance and security level classifications makes for relatively lightweight portfolio data requirements.

Why choose StatPro?

  • We’ve been providing the investment industry with innovative technology solutions since 1994.
  • The secure data feed between your back office/data administrator and StatPro Revolution allows for a simple switch on process.
  • Flexible pricing is available based on your requirements.

*This service was previously know as “transaction processing service”.