Asset Valuation

Accurate Data. Wide Coverage. Useful and Transparent.

We believe that data is the food for all our portfolio analytics services, so if the data’s not accurate there’s really no point in starting your analysis.

StatPro‘s data covers reference data, industry classifications codes and asset pricing. It’s all about offering you transparent pricing methodologies so that your raw data can be transformed into pretty powerful and easy to understand portfolio analysis.

The data provided by our investment portfolio management software also includes an ever increasing number of securities, covering major and emerging markets as well as exchanges around the globe giving you access to:

  • global equity exchanges for pricing, corporate actions and reference data
  • global pricing and terms and conditions on fixed income securities
  • access to client specific securities from the derivative and structured
    product world
  • global FX rates and indices
  • broker dealer fixed income pricing

Asset Pricing

Providing independent valuations across multiple assets including all globally listed equities, fixed income, derivatives and structured products.

Reference Data

Enabling clients to maintain their universe of securities no matter what system they use.

Index Data

Complete, consolidated index and constituent level data.

Complex Asset Pricing

A vast number of pricing functions for easy and transparent valuations of over the counter (OTC) derivatives and complex assets.