An innovative new approach to business critical compliance and disclosure functions

In an increasingly complex investment landscape, the demands placed on firms to implement adequate controls and appropriate disclosures to monitor, manage and communicate the risks faced by their business are now greater than ever. StatPro’s governance solution offers the ability to monitor investment guidelines prescribed from any source to better achieve compliance across complex investment strategies, increased regulatory scrutiny and stringent investment guidelines.  The governance tool makes it easy for asset managers to build and support a sustainable investment culture of compliance and risk management.

  • StatPro Governance - portfolio holding enquiry
  • StatPro Governance - session analysis enquiry

Key benefits include:

  • Industry and investment strategy agnostic. 
  • Full support of global regulatory requirements (including UCITS IV,  non-UCITS, US Investment Act of 1940, IRS, Canadian NI 81-102, RSA CISCA, Regulation 28 & 30 and LT & STIA, Shariah restrictions) etc.
  • Access a full audit trail of all compliance processing results Drill down to relevant securities or classes of securities. Regional regulatory libraries make sure we’re catering for all markets.
  • Client mandates can be easily catered for
  • Flexible, easy to use architecture
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency with an automated workflow and reporting capability

With a simple, web-based interface, you can determine breach and underlying holdings without the involvement of a compliance team.

Innovative hosting technology reduces your IT efforts and significantly cuts down the cost of ownership.

The combination of new technology and ‘best-of-breed’ functionality has seen it grow rapidly to its current user base, which includes trustees, asset managers (multi-managers, management companies, mutual funds and fund of funds), pension funds and service providers.

SPC is designed to support the full life-cycle of compliance from preventing and identifying breaches, breach management workflow, to the audit and reporting to all stakeholders including management, clients and regulators.

Key features

Rule Engine

  • The rule engine combines an easy to use interface with a powerful and flexible engine that caters for the widest variety of compliance rule requirements but is also easily extendable to meet the changing needs of the future. The component based architecture of the rule engine enables compliance users without technical skills to build even the most complex rules. New rules can be set up through a wizard type mechanism or via a ‘copy and paste’ of existing rules or templates.
  • Verification of rules is made easy through an online testing of rules with full step by step description and audit trail of the checking process.
  • Effectively manages counterparty risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, leverage, look-through as well as other investment guidelines, client mandates and regulatory rulebooks.

Breach Management

  • A full audit trail of compliance results, tracking the life-cycle of breaches and warnings, and recording the steps taken to resolve them, is available. The tool maintains a full history of compliance results allowing the user to prove the compliance process. It provides the ability to investigate the result calculations at any point in time to see the results (OK, Breach and Warning) as well as all the data and calculations performed in determining the result. Tracking the life-cycle of the breach allows for age analysis and trend analysis as well as an audit of all comments and assignments made as well as viewing details of any similar breaches in the past. It has a comprehensive set of enquiries to view and analyze the results as well as the underlying data. Sophisticated breach management workflow (categorize, assign, override, document linkage, comment on breaches and customized workflow and communication)
  • Automated breach management allows for tasks (e.g. change in shareholding notifications) to be performed automatically

Data Management

  • The data management module provides the ability to tailor the data required for compliance checks to the needs of the compliance team. Ensuring data is complete, accurate and appropriate for the required compliance checks is essential to be able to obtain consistent and accurate results.
  • The sophistication of the rule engine can be used to also check the data integrity. For example ensuring that all banks have ratings, all bonds have maturity dates or even ensuring that the sum of the individual holdings is equal to the fund’s market value.

Enquiries & Reporting

  • Customized reporting and enquiry management including breach classification and severity breakdown, compliance certificates, breach age analysis and daily changes in compliance status.  The enquiries and reporting provide a single system for the compliance team to perform all their daily tasks in investigating and reporting compliance results. Detailed and flexible reporting ensures that all stakeholders receive appropriate reporting and are aware of the status of compliance at all times
  • Consistent, daily compliance processing (or more frequent, as required) with full transparency
  • Chinese walls provide security to ensure that stakeholders can only view authorized portfolio data