Portfolio Accounting Software

Supporting trade decisions, execution, record-keeping, NAV calculation, invoicing and client and management reporting

StatPro Portfolio Management (SPM) is a fully-featured, comprehensive portfolio management solution offering analytics, accounting, and reporting functionality as standard.

SPM’s modular design is flexible and scalable, easily adapting to meet changing industry or organization requirements.

SPM offers multiple integration points providing the highest degree of flexibility and choice as a Portfolio Management solution.

Publish reports to clients or contacts, feed other systems and integrate with StatPro Revolution.

Some of the key features of SPM include;

Trade Processing/Order Entry

  • Trade in any currency
  • Unlimited multi-currency cash balances within each portfolio
  • Monitor transactions based on either trade, contracted settlement, actual settlement , record , or effective dates
  • Customized confirmations
  • Money market mask facility for faster processing of money market securities/trades

Securities and Valuation

  • Provisions for sinking funds and extendable, retractable, and maturity schedules
  • User-defined security types
  • Built-in standard financial industry calculations
  • Private placement and obscure bond issues manually or matrix priced
  • Facility to maintain two prices for each security


  • Track dealer and broker commission as each trade is processed
  • On-line processing of future, pended, and settled trades
  • Extensive accounting records and audit trails
  • Accurate calculations for accrued interest, realized, and unrealized gains or losses
  • Optional margin cash for futures

Superior Reporting

  • Suite of SPM modules resides on one integrated database ensuring that your data is current and accurate and allows the use of superior reporting/ query tools, from the SPM application.
  • Report writing services allow StatPro’s experience and skill to complement and enhance your existing reporting.

Optional Modules

  • To increase the power of the StatPro Portfolio Management system, the following modules are also available: General Ledger, Invoicing, Trade Order Management, Custodial Interface, Modeling.
  • spm-sdd-interface
  • spm-trade-blotter