The StatPro Revolution Platform

A complete performance measurement and portfolio analytics platform

StatPro Revolution works on multiple devices

StatPro believes software should be simple

StatPro Revolution is an integrated performance and risk solution designed to increase productivity and lower costs.

Revolution has the latest cloud-based technology, unprecedented scalability and our global industry expertise.






Next generation performance measurement

Massively scalable performance calculations

Visual workflow with complete oversight

Over 90 editable data control templates

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Advanced portfolio analytics and data models

Advanced attribution analysis supporting top-down, bottom-up, and currency overlay

Multiple risk models covering historical simulation VaR, Monte-Carlo, variance/co-variance, and factor based risk

Flexible analysis and data model options giving you complete control


Award winning compliance monitoring solution

Manage regulated funds directly within the platform

Cost effective UCITS and AIFMD compliance reporting

Visual overview of all regulated funds showing any potential breaches with the ability to drill down in to the details

Flexible reporting and data extraction options

Rich set of multi-lingual PDF and Excel reports within the platform

Fully supported Web API allowing for programmatic extraction of calculated data

Revolution-i app allowing for ad-hoc or scheduled extracts of data into local and customizable report and data templates


The Platform


Multi-asset class analytics and market data integration

StatPro Revolution is a platform. From a single browser window you can access portfolio performance measurement, attribution, contribution, allocation, risk, and compliance analytics. Market and index data is fully integrated allowing you to focus on the analysis rather than data management tasks. StatPro Revolution covers over 3.2million global securities including equities, fixed income, mutual funds, listed futures contacts, FX forwards, inter-bank deposits, options and OTCs. We also cover most families of benchmarks including MSCI, Russell, FTSE, NASDAQ and also the license free, Freedom Index.

StatPro Revolution supports multiple data models. This gives you the flexibility to choose which data model suits which portfolio and investment process. Our data models include; transaction-based, holdings based, market values, pre-calculated weights and returns from StatPro Seven, or even pre-calculated weights and returns from other performance systems.


Online distribution and reporting

StatPro Revolution gives you the ability to manage the platform at a very granular level. Supported by unlimited user roles, your administrator can define roles and permissions that suit anyone’s requirements within the system. It’s about managing users, content and access rather than managing software.

You can securely provide access to portfolio analytics to key stakeholders, whether they are internal or external to your business. This allows you to provide portfolio analysis and compliance capabilities to anyone within your organisation in a fraction of the time of a traditional software deployment. By providing access to those outside your organisation you can add a whole new digital communication channel to your investment process, without adding headcount.

Revolution reporting and data extraction

There are various options when it comes to reporting and extracting data from the StatPro Revolution platform. You can create unlimited reports directly within the system and output them to PDF or Excel in multiple languages.

You can use our powerful Web API to programmatically extract data to use with local downstream systems, or you can use Revolution-i to automatically extract data into a variety of formats including editable MS Word or Excel report templates, XML, SQL or access database files.




Grade ‘A’ technology

The StatPro Revolution platform is built on years of cloud development experience. We started from scratch and built everything from the ground up. This allowed us to implement new development and release processes meaning updates to the platform are seamless for our clients. We generally make four or five releases a year and our roadmap is driven by our client’s requirements.

rev-ssl-gradeOur data centres and development processes are certified to internationally recognised security standards such as ISO27001:2013 and SSAE16. We have averaged over 99.95% uptime over any given year since we launched in 2011 and we publish our availability stats online. We conduct strenuous security and disaster recovery testing each year. The StatPro Revolution platform is an award winning Software as a Service platform and is leading the next generation of portfolio analysis and reporting solutions.

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