Advanced User Management & Sharing

Controlled distribution of portfolio analytics

Every portfolio is a network with many people who want access to performance and risk analytics. They may be internal colleagues in multiple locations, all with different access requirements. They may be external distribution partners or compliance teams, and what about your clients? Wouldn’t it be useful to give them controlled access to intuitive, visual and interactive analysis online?

StatPro Revolution’s portfolio sharing and advanced user management features enable you to create unlimited user roles and access permissions to suit any user requirements. Provide controlled, fully audited and signed-off access to portfolio analysis to internal and external stakeholders.

Discover how every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution

Every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution

User management

User management in StatPro Revolution

Sharing your portfolio analysis internally

With StatPro Revolution’s roles and permissions management your sharing is centralized. You can create any number of customized roles and link these roles, to a specific set of access permissions and users, allowing for quick and easy distribution of approved portfolio analytics. You have control over the analysis content users can see within the system. Want to hide reporting functionality or risk analysis? no problem. This centralized process enables the distribution of your portfolio analytics but with complete control over users, content and access.

Such control enables rapid deployment of business information to any user with a full audit trail for approvals and distribution. Forget having to install applications, it’s about managing users, content, and access in the right way.

Add digital distribution at no extra cost

Your admin users have the ability to control what analytical data is shared and what time periods the analysis covers. This feature gives you complete confidence that you are sharing the right data, at the right time, for the right portfolio.

Sharing interactive analysis externally increases your transparency, enhances your client service, and builds trust. Reduce ad-hoc report requests by providing the ability for end users to self-serve. Sharing information like this increases productivity, while reducing costs, all in a controlled environment.

User audit in StatPro Revolution

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