Personal Configurable Dashboards

The ultimate in user interface flexibility

Available in Revolution today, personal configurable dashboards allows you to create custom user interface layouts and menu options for any user in your account. Want to provide your compliance team a custom user interface designed specifically for them? Or give your sales and marketing team access to performance and attribution analysis in exactly the way you want to. Now you can.



Select from multiple dashboard layouts…

Configurable Dashboard Layouts

Then add analysis components

Configurable Dashboard Components

To create your very own custom analysis dashboards…

Configurable Dashboard Example1

Configurable Dashboard Example2


This is self-service portfolio analytics

Ultimate flexibility

Revolution already allows you to add as many users as you wish. Now you can create custom analysis dashboards for each user profile in your account. You can design dashboards showing the analysis that is perfect for any role. Dashboards can be organised into menus that you then add to user profiles. When members of that profile log in, they will see the menu structure and dashboards you have assigned them.

Being able to provide self-service portfolio analytics to any stakeholder is an essential part of any digital strategy and demonstrates a mature performance and risk analytics process. Clients of any size can now move away from the constant distraction of ad-hoc reports and provide a tailored user experience to anyone needing controlled but dynamic portfolio analytics.



Customized visual dashboards

Providing customized visual dashboards for performance, attribution and risk analysis allows you to extend the value of Revolution to all stakeholders. Users of all kinds can now log in to a single platform, but see analysis layouts that have been designed specifically for them. This level of user experience customization allows you to provide self-service analytics across your business with complete control. For example, you can provide front office users with signed off performance book of record analytics, but in a layout and format that is perfect for them.


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