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Portfolio analysis

Access highly visual and interactive portfolio analysis , including performance, ex-ante risk, contribution and attribution, all from a single platform that covers over 3.2 million securities across the globe.

Client communication

Transform your client communication with interactive, visual analysis and reporting. Share your analysis online to trusted partners and stakeholders with no additional user fees.

Increase sales

Take StatPro Revolution on the road and show clients how you have added value. Use your favourite tablet and tell the story of your portfolio and strategy to clients and prospects.

Share interactive portfolio analysis

Distribute your analysis to anyone, securely over the web. Enhance your distribution capabilities while maintaining complete control.

StatPro Revolution - one minute product overview

See how easy it is to log in and focus on your portfolio analysis, distribution and sales in our one minute overview.

StatPro Revolution risk limits monitoring dashboard

All the portfolio analysis tools you need in one online platform

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