Other important benefits


Information is of little use if it is not available where and when required. It is therefore stored and managed by StatPro in a way that makes it available as necessary, while preserving its confidentiality and integrity. We monitor all our client facing services. Check the live uptime stats for StatPro Revolution.


We have an integrated support system, just raise a ticket. If you want immediate support, contact us to speak with one of our support Revolutionaries. There is also a big library of information to search if you want to find out something about using StatPro Revolution.


We all have little tweaks that make our portfolios unique. StatPro Revolution’s portfolio analysis tools can handle custom securities, custom benchmarks and custom classifications

User management

Bigger companies sometimes need control. StatPro Revolution lets an administrator do just that. The investment management software allows you to give different privileges to different users by portfolio. This means that some people will only be able to read one portfolio, others might be able to read and write to several portfolios whilst the administrator will be able to read and write to all the portfolios.

Daily data imports

StatPro has a secure FTP site that is designed to handle large amount of data on a daily basis. It doesn’t matter how many portfolios you have, once the process is set up StatPro Revolution will look for your files and when they arrive, load them in and automatically produce new portfolio analysis.

Development Philosophy

Our mission is to make your life as easy and hassle free as possible. That means intuitive data management. We are linking into as many sources of portfolio data as possible such as custodian banks and fund administrators so that if your portfolio is kept with one of them, it can be automatically loaded into StatPro Revolution. This will mean that you will not have to do any data work at all, just use the analysis, reporting, attribution, publishing and research
In short, it is all about excellence and ease of use: you can’t have one without the other.