Revolution Performance

Imagine being able to calculate 100,000 institutional portfolios in 30 minutes

StatPro Revolution Performance is a new service within the Revolution platform. It has been designed to reduce the turnaround time for managing and delivering performance results to stakeholders. It helps you manage and control data more efficiently, calculates results faster than any other system and allows you to validate and distribute results for analysis and reporting, all within a single platform. StatPro – Make it Simple.


Visual workflow and complete data control…


…with the power of elastic cloud-computing

A powerful visual workflow allowing you to view groups of portfolios and their status. You can simply click through to investigate data control issues and re-calculate from impact date or inception.   Summon the power of elastic-cloud computing to manage any volume of data. This is the next generation of performance measurement.                                                                                                



Scalability and power

Designed exclusively for the cloud, Revolution Performance can automatically scale to handle the largest of data volumes. Breakaway from being constrained by your existing infrastructure and software and move to an entirely new level of performance.

Forget waiting for an overnight process and manage your workflow faster and easier than ever before. For example, imagine being able to calculate security-level performance for hundreds of thousands of portfolios with hundreds of millions of holdings and transactions in under an hour. Welcome to a new reality with Revolution Performance.



Visual and clear workflow

The right workflow is essential to an efficient process. We understand you need a clear and intuitive way to see the status of your performance measurement operations. We have designed a workflow that fits with your daily tasks and doesn’t hold you up with unnecessary blocks or delays. You can define workflow groups using various characteristics and the data controls that are applicable to them. Adding portfolios easy and tracking their status is simple using the clear and intuitive dashboards. If you have data warnings or even data errors, you can quickly navigate to the issue and correct it without holding up portfolios that are clear to continue through the system. Simple, intelligent, visual workflow.



Advanced data control and checks

The right data controls are essential for producing accurate and consistent returns data. We know data management is one of the biggest challenges in the industry so we designed Revolution Performance to have the most complete and helpful set of data controls and checks anywhere. Over 90 configurable control templates are available, any of which can be applied to your workflow groups. Fully auditable approval checks can also be applied allowing you to explain your performance data to anyone, quickly and easily.


Intelligent, smart functionality

Calculating all kinds of performance returns is a given. Being able to save you time and remove operational risk from your performance process is smart and intelligent. We know most systems have functional gaps that you need to fill with manual workarounds, which can lead to residuals in downstream attribution analysis or cause other problems. Revolution Performance has been designed to help automate tasks and give you a high degree of customization in your process. We have also developed a range of methodologies (published in the Journal of Performance Measurement) that help you deal with abnormal returns, even if they are mathematically correct, you know they need investigation. Revolution Performance helps you speed through these issues and produce perfect returns data every day.



Video Case Study


Hear how NAB have transformed their performance measurement capabilities

  • Hear about their challenges with existing systems and processes
  • Understand their requirements and what kind of solution they were looking for
  • Hear how they have transformed their performance measurement capabilities by selecting StatPro



Key Features


Highly flexible time-weighted and money-weighted return methodologies

  • Multiple methodologies supported per Portfolio and Share Class
  • Highly configurable transaction timing for TWR calculations
  • User definable return types allowing gross-up/net-down for any fee types


Cloud-based auto-scalable platform

  • First true SaaS and cloud-based performance and analysis platform
  • Hugely scalable performance engines to manage very large data volumes


Advanced Investigation capabilities

  • Specifically targeted context-sensitive navigation pinpointing issues
  • Relevant user-orientated error and warning messages


Automatic handling of ‘abnormal returns’

  • Unique StatPro methodology for buy-ins, sell-outs and large cash flows


Extensive number of configurable data checks and controls

  • Over 90 control templates readily configurable
  • Approval and data control process


Strategy level performance

  • Enabling strategy as well as security-level attribution


Highly automated workflow processing, including dependency management

  • Enabling fast, efficient set-up, automation and monitoring
  • Providing high degree of customization


Impact management

  • Ensuring data consistency is always maintained
  • Integrated within the workflow



Revolution Performance Workflow Dashboard

Revolution Performance Workflow Dashboard



Revolution Performance Workflow Dashboard

Revolution Performance Portfolio Returns Screen



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