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Programmatical access to portfolio analytics

The challenges of data management

Data management is consistently the number one challenge facing asset managers with their performance and risk analytics process. Bringing the right data together so it can be analysed and turned into useful business information is difficult when faced with a mixed technology landscape with legacy on-premise systems and new cloud-based platforms. Too many systems create too much data that is often kept in silos such as local databases that all need consolidating when it comes to analysis and reporting. Some firms have multiple performance systems and risk is often managed separately. Managing fixed file exports in a variety of formats using various transport mechanisms such as FTP is a very inefficient way of managing data.

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The rise of the API

StatPro has recognised these challenges and has responded in multiple ways. The first is bringing performance and risk data together in a single cloud-based platform helping clients consolidate local systems and start to ‘retire technical debt’. We also recognise that clients still need multiple systems and performance and risk analytics is only part of the overall process. Many clients are undergoing significant technology changes and this includes better ways to manage data. Some strategies involve replacing multiple point to point data transfers that use file formats such as Excel or CSV. The industry is starting to adopt data lakes to hold many types of data that allow other applications to ‘subscribe’ to in order to retrieve data as and when they need it in the format they require. For systems that are ‘publishers’ of data (such as performance measurement and risk analytics) into the data lake, a simple method of extraction is needed.

The StatPro Web API (application programming interface) allows you to remotely and securely connect to the platform to programmatically extract performance and risk analytics into other local or cloud-based applications. The Revolution Web API also allows you to request dynamic calculation results based on settings changes. This means up to date portfolio analytics data can be extracted at any point without waiting for overnight batch processes to complete.

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Providing access to downstream applications and powering Revolution-i, our local reporting and data extraction App

StatPro uses the Revolution Web API to power our reporting and data extraction App, Revolution-i. This powerful locally installed App, securely connects to Revolution using the API to extract portfolio data ready to be used in reporting templates or data extractions. StatPro actively develops the Web API to add new functions while fully supporting existing calls to ensure any client development against the API is maintained.
Web API powering Revolution-i

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