StatPro Group PLC – Holding(s) in Company

For immediate release
22 March 2007


1.  Identity of the issuer or the underlying issuer of existing shares to
which voting rights are attached

2.  Reason for the notification (please tick the appropriate box or boxes)

    An acquisition or disposal of voting rights                       ( )

An acquisition or disposal of financial instruments which may     ( )
result in the acquisition of shares already issued to which
voting rights are attached

    An event changing the breakdown of voting rights                  ( )

    Other (specify):   Final deadline re DTR 5                        (X)

3.  Full name of person(s) subject to the notification obligation:
Herald Investment Management Limited

4.  Full name of shareholder(s) (if different from 3.)
Not needed

5.  Date of the transaction (and date on which the threshold is crossed
or reached if different):
n/a - see box (2) above

6.  Date on which issuer notified:
20 March 2007

7.  Threshold(s) that is/are crossed or reached:

8.  Notified details:

A. Voting rights attached to shares

Class/type of shares (if possible using the ISIN code) Ordinary (GB0006300213)

Situation previous to     Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
   the triggering
Number of    Number of    Number of    Number of voting     % of voting rights
Shares       Voting       shares       rights
                          Direct       Direct   Indirect    Direct    Indirect
4,526,228    4,526,228                          4,526,228             8.62%
(8.62%)      (8.62%)

B. Financial Instruments

Resulting situation after the triggering transaction
Type of      Expiration    Exercise/             Number of voting    % of voting
financial    date          Conversion Period/    rights that may     rights
instrument                  Date                 be acquired if
                                                 the instrument is

Total (A+B)
Number of voting rights              % of voting rights
4,526,228                            8.62%

9.  Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights and/or
the financial instruments are effectively held, if applicable:

Herald Investment Management Limited, a discretionary investment
manager, is the parent undertaking of an investment management

    Herald Investment Trust (in the name           4,526,228 (8.62%)
of Bank of New York (OCS Nominees Limited)

    Total for Funds under the management           4,526,228 (8.62%)
of Herald Investment Management Limited

Proxy Voting:
10.  Name of the proxy holder:           n/a

11.  Number of voting rights proxy       n/a
     holder will cease to hold:

12.  Date on which proxy holder          n/a
     will cease to hold voting

13.  Additional information:

14:  Contact name:                       Andrew Miller

15.  Contact telephone number:           020 7553 6308


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