Every portfolio is a network with StatPro Revolution

In just over one minute you can learn how easy it is to manage roles and distribute performance analysis securely online with StatPro Revolution.

Every portfolio is a network. There are many people who want access to performance and risk analytics. They may be internal colleagues in multiple locations, all with different access requirements. They may be external distribution partners or compliance teams, and what about your clients? Wouldn’t it be nice to give them access to intuitive, visual and interactive analysis online?

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StatPro Revolution’s portfolio sharing and user management features, give you the control you need when deciding how much of your portfolio you share, and who you share it with.

With StatPro Revolution’s roles and permissions management your sharing is centralized. You can create new users, assign them a role and link that role to a specific set of access permissions, allowing for quick and easy distribution of business information. Forget having to install applications, it’s about managing users and access in the right way.

Every portfolio really is a network. This includes connecting with people outside your organisation. StatPro Revolution allows you to securely share your portfolio to anyone, with all the control you need to ensure they are accessing the right data, from the right time, for the right portfolio.

Sharing interactive analysis externally increases your transparency, enhances your client service, and builds trust. Sharing information like this increases productivity, without application management, all in a controlled environment.

StatPro Revolution will transform the way you create, control and share portfolio analytics – build your network today and see how easy it is to distribute interactive analysis to anyone. Find out more about sharing at statpro.com/sharing.

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